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KCC to come up with new programmes to protect the environment: Dr. Garbriel Mar Gregorious

 - By Sri. Abhjith Parayil, 

                          Dubai: God created earth and it's environment should be protected and it is our duty to do that. On this note, KCC has planned to come up with new programmes to protect the environment, opined KCC President His Grace Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorious. 

                           It is the first time after assuming as the president of KCC, that His Grace Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorious visited Dubai and on this occassion KCC Gulf Zone welcomed Thirumeni. His Grace was addressing the people gathered.

                           Today's chaos is due to the fall in the life values and also because of consumption of liqour and drugs which attributed to damage of health and family life. Awareness has been conducted against these social evils ,as a primary step, Thirumeni said. 

                           The Churches should jointly raise it's voice against the arrest of Human Rights Activist Sri. Binayak Sen and should contribute more towards protection of Human Rights, Metropolitan said. 


                            KCC Gulf Zone President Rev. Fr. Biju .P. Thomas presided. Rev. V. Kunjukoshy, Rev. Fr. Johnson Daniel, Rev. Zachariah Alexander,  Secretary Sri. Joby Joshua, Treasurer Sri. Solomon David, Joint Secretary Sri. Kunjumon Parackal, Zonal Executive  Commitee Members- Sri. Babu Kuriyan, Sri. Linoj Chacko, Sri. Dias Idiculla, Sri. P.V. Abraham, Sri. Abhijith Parayil addressed the gathering.                                                    

Posted on: 20th Feb. 2011


Christian Church should be an instrument which spreads divine light throughout the World: Valiya Catholica Bava

 - By Sri. Abhjith Parayil,

                      Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church's His Holiness Baselious Marthoma Didymus the First Valiya Catholica Bava called upon the Christian Church to be an instrument which spreads the Divine Light through out the world. Bava was speaking on the occassion of Unity Octave Week ,organised by the Kerala Council of Churches- Gulf Zone at the Dubai Orthodox Church. 

                      Bava advocated that Christian Church even while dealing with the Social evils should also be prepared to be a witnessing community at large. Christians must cultivate the habit of truthful prayer life,  disciplined and orderly life thereby leading true witnessing. Also, Ecumenism must be re- fined through all these, said Bava. 

                      KCC Gulf Zone President Rev. Fr. Biju .P. Thomas presided. National Council of Churches in Malaysia Vice- President Very Rev. Fr. Philip Thomas Cor- Episcopa, Marthoma Parish Vicar Rev. V. Kunjukoshy, Secretary Sri. Joby Joshua, Treasurer Sri. Solomon David, Zonal Commitee Members- Sri. Babu Kuriyan, Sri. Linoj Chacko, KCC Central Executive Member Sri. Dias Idiculla addressed the gathering.

                   KCC Gulf Zone welcomed His Holiness Baselious Marthoma Didymus the First Valiya Catholica Bava during the meeting. 


 When KCC Gulf Zone members welcomed His Holiness Baselious Marthoma Didymus the First Valiya Catholica Bava during the Unity Octave Meeting 

Posted on: 3rd Feb. 2011. 


Unity among Churches is the need of the Hour: Valiya Metropolitan

  - By Sri. Abhijith Parayil,

                     Kerala Council of Churches- Gulf Zone conducted an ecumenical youth meeting Espernza- 2011 at Dubai Orthodox Church in which Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Marthoma Valiya Metropolitan was the Chief Guest. 

Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Marthoma Valiya Metropolitan inaugrating Espernza- 2011, standing aside are: Bishop John Joseph,   Rev. Fr. Biju. P. Thomas, Rev. V. Kunjukoshy, Rev. Zechariah Alexander, Rev. Fr. Pathrose Joy, Rev. Fr. Abraham Koshy, Rev. Thomas Kurien, Zonal Secretary Sri. Jobi Joshua and Treasurer Sri. Solomon David.

                          The Valiya Metropolitan called upon youths to uphold Ecumenism, which is the need of the Hour. The fellowship of Churches must cross all languages, nations and KCC must act as a forum for it. 

                          God created man out of mud and breathed in air into him. Only when man confronts God, does he or she get the Humanness. Truth should be known, should be heard, should sought and should be experienced. Man can know this Truth only through the Light, called God.

                          Youths must take Ecumenism as their responsibility, with creativity, reality, and must react as tomorrow's hope, Valiya Metropolitan said. 

                         KCC Gulf Zone President Fr. Biju. P . Thomas presided over the meeting. Anglican Church's Malankara Diocese Bishop John Joseph,  Rev. V. Kunjukoshy, Rev. Zechariah Alexander, Rev. Fr. Pathrose Joy, Rev. Fr. Abraham Koshy, Zonal Secretary Sri. Jobi Joshua, Treasurer Sri. Solomon David, Sri. Steve Thomas also presided. 

                         Sri. Shibu Mathew, Sri. Subin Joseph, Sri. Ibu Kurian, Smt. Simi Lin, Sri. Berin Ninan, Smt. Symi John, Smt. Angina John and others gave leadership in conducting various programs. 

                         Youths from different parishes staged various cultural programs. Youth Commission- Gulf Zone's office bearers were elected. The office bearers are Rev. Zechariah Alexander (President ), Sri. Kurian (Secretary), Sri. Steve Thomas, Sri. Shawn Vishal, Smt. Angina John, Sri. Subin Joseph and Sri. Solomon Thomas were elected to various committees.   

Posted on: 16th Jan. 2011. 


Varaswara held at Charalkunnu

         - By Reporter,

                     Kerala Council of Churches (KCC) conducted a Drawing and Music Camp (Varaswara) at Charalkunnu Camp Centre as a part of its Sapthathi Celebrations.

                    Metropolitan His Grace Rt. Rev. His Grace Dr. Philipose Mar Chrisostomos, Valiya Metropolitan of Marthoma Syrian Church inaugurated the camp by drawing an image on the canvas. Metropolitan of Niranam, UK, Thiruvananthapuram Dioceses of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church and WCC Moderator His Grace Dr. Geevarghese Mor Coorilos presided over in the inaugural ceremony.


                     Rev. Sunil Raj Philip, Dr. Simon John, Prof. Philip N. Thomas, Rev. Biju Varghese, Joy John spoke.

Courtesy: Malankara Syriac Voice

Posted on: 22nd July, 2010
KCC Gulf Zone Supplement

          - Sri. Abhijith Parayil

                     Kerala Council of Churches or KCC is the Ecumenical Organization of Syrian Christian Churches (Excluding Roman Catholic and Pentecostal Churches). 

                    Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose (Bishop of Delhi- Mumbai Diocese, Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church) is the current President of this Organization.

                                     Lighting of the lamp during Gulf Zone supplement

              Kerala Council of Churches has released a supplement. To view, please click on the following link:

Posted on: 9th July, 2010.

CCI Meeting

      - By Reporter,

                   The Council of Churches In India (The Ecumenical body of Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church ,Church of South India and Church of North India) met recently at New Delhi.

                His Beatitude Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose Episcopa, Rev. Sham.P. Thomas, Sri. Idiculla Varghese and Smt. Anila Koshy attended the meeting on behalf of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church.

                   A photo of of this Event is given below:

Meeting of the CCI in New Delhi

Photo Courtesy: Sri. Abraham Punilitta

Posted on: Mar. 14th ,2010.


Relationship between Churches must go strong: Aram I

          - By Reporter,

                                  If at all ecumenism needs to be practical, relationship between Churches has to become stronger, said the Supreme Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Aram I. Ecumenical Movement can face the challenges of 21st Century only if relations between Churches get deeper, added the Catholicos, who is also the Moderator of World Council of Churches.

                            Delivering key note address at the Ecumenical Meeting held at Old Seminary, Kottayam under the auspiciousness of Kerala Council of Churches, Catholicos Aram I stressed that India has always been multicultural and multireligious and the harmony of this Indian society is seen by the world nations as an adaptable model.

                            “Contributions by Late Lamented Blessed Memory of His Grace Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios and Dr. M.M. Thomas, whom Kerala has given birth, are looked upon by the World Ecumenical Movement with utmost admiration”, remembered the Armenian Catholicos.

From right to left: Supreme Head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, H.H. Aram I, Rt. Rev. Emeritus Dr. Thomas Samuel (CSI Church), Catholicos Elect of the Malankara Orthodox Church H.B Paulos Mar Milithios, His Eminence Rt. Rev. Dr.  Zacharias Mar Theophilos (Suffargan Metropolitan of Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church)  

                        Catholicos Elect of the Malankara Orthodox Church H.B. Paulos Mar Milithios presided over the function. His Eminence Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilos Suffargan Metropolitan of Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church) inaugurated the meeting.

                         Metropolitans from the Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church, Their Graces Thomas Mar Thimotheos and Geevarghese Mar Coorilos, Bishop Emeritus of Central Kerala Diocese of the CSI Church Thomas Samuel, Secretary of Kerala Council of Churches Prof. Philip Ninan, and Principal of Orthodox Theological Seminary Dr. K. M. George spoke on the occasion.

                          Metropolitans from the Malankara Church and students of Orthodox Theological Seminary have attended the meeting. Metropolitan of Thiruvananthapuram Diocese His Grace Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios welcomed the gathering.

Courtesy: Orthodox Herald

Posted on: 8th Mar, 2010.


Ecumenical forum wary of Anti- Conversion Law in Karnataka

         - By Reporter

                         An ecumenical forum in Karnataka has expressed apprehension over the BJP-ruled state enacting an anti-conversion law.

                         President of the Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights (KUCFHR), Archbishop Bernard Moras, on Dec. 1, 2009 told a gathering of over 500 Christian leaders that, the political machinery was attempting to pass an anti-conversion bill.

                        Speculations on such a bill was on rife earlier this year when Minister of State for Law, Suresh Kumar, hinted that the govt. was to introduce a law to curb conversions after studying similar bills introduced in other states.

                        During the Tuesday gathering, Archbishop Moras condemned the allegations of forced conversion which he said was "blown out of proportion to create animosity and insecurity between people of other religious groups."


                                        Bangalore Archbishop Bernard Moras addressing the  gathering

                       "If there were cases of forced conversion, it should be established clearly in a court of law," he noted. "Blanket allegations against the Christian community at large, is only a willful attempt to create disharmony in society and to achieve political mileage."

                      The KUCFHR was established after last year's September attacks on a dozen churches across the state. Such attacks, said Archbishop Moras was a sign from God for need of unity among churches.

                      He explained that the ecumenical forum besides addressing violence will also assert "our constitutional right to profess and peacefully propagate our faith just as any other religious group enjoys the privilege."

                      Bishop Samuel of the Believers Church finds nothing wrong in sharing the Gospel of Christ. He condemned forcible conversion, but wondered why one should be against a religion that preaches love and forgiveness. He underlined that conversion was the outcome of a free decision to change one's faith or way of life.

                     The four-hour long meeting at St. Marks Cathedral in Bangalore gathered  priests from the Catholic Church, Church of South India, Full Gospel Church, Believers Church, New Life Fellowship, Methodist, Jacobite, Church of Horeb, Baptist Church, Faith Prayer Assembly, Independent Churches, Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church, Syrian Orthodox Church and Touch India Ministries.

 Posted on :29th December, 2009.


Kerala Council of Churches (K.C.C) Bishops' Conference held

                    -By Reporter,

                    Kerala Council of Churches (K.C.C) Bishops' Conference was held at Kottayam on Dec 02, Wednesday.

                     H.H. Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Marthoma Valiya Metropolitan inaugurated the conference. President of K.C.C, His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose of  Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church presided over the function. Vice President of K.C.C, His Grace Mor Eusebios Kuriakose of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, His Eminence Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilose Suffragon Metropolitan of Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, His Grace Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthatheos and His Grace Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and metropolitans from other Episcopal Churches were present.

                    Bible Society President Bishop Thomas Samuel, Vayalar Award Winner Prof. Dr. M. Thomas Mathew, World Council of Churches (W.C.C) International Director Dr. Mathew George Chunakkara were honoured.

 Posted on :18th December, 2009.


General Assembly adjourns after adding a new member Church

   By Reporter,

                          The General Assembly of National Council of Churches of Christ in America is the Ecumenical Body of Churches. H.G .Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosious Episcopa was present representing Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church. 

                                 The General Assembly of the National Council of Churches and Church World Service, celebrating the biblical call to rejoice, pray and give thanks, also called upon churches and governments to take additional steps toward worldwide justice and peace.

                               The General Assembly adjourned Thursday night following the installation of National Council of Churches President Peg Chemberlin and President Elect Kathryn Lohre in St. Mark's Episcopal Cathedral here.

                               In its three-day meeting here, the General Assembly voted the Apostolic Catholic Church into membership, adopted  a resolution calling for  nuclear disarmament, and issued messages regarding the tragedy at Ford Hood, citing the urgency of health care reform, and urging that money saved by international reductions in military spending be used to reduce infant mortality and extreme poverty.

                              The General Assembly also issued a message of appreciation regarding the recent visit of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to the U.S.

H.G .Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius at the Conference
                                          The General Assembly agenda also included a challenging keynote address by the Rev. Dr. Margaret Aymer, Associate Professor of New Testament and Chair of Biblical Studies at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, who also addressed the Clare Randall Women's Luncheon. Bible Study, on I Thessalonians 5:16-18, "Rejoice Always, Pray without ceasing, Give thanks in all circumstances," the Assembly's theme, was led by the Rev. Dr. Charles Amjad-Ali, Martin Luther King Jr. Professor for Justice and Christian Community and Director of Islamic Studies at Luther Seminary in Minneapolis.
                                Worship services were conducted in the traditions of the Assembly's Methodist and Orthodox members, and by the young adult participants in the pre-Assembly New Fire event.

                                Presiding over sessions of the General Assembly were Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, who is finishing his two-year term as NCC President, and Bishop Johncy Itty, chair of the CWS board of directors. The Assembly program was designed by a committee chaired by he Rev. Dr. Raymon Hunt of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

                                Individuals and agencies that have given outstanding service to the ecumenical movement in the United States and around the world were honored Wednesday in a special Assembly awards program.

                               Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, a Republican, greeted the Assembly on its second day of business and offered his best wishes to The Rev. Peg Chemberlin, executive director of the Minnesota Council of Churches, who was installed as NCC president Thursday night.

                              "We’ll be cheering you on as you take over the reigns of this organization," Pawlenty told Chemberlin. "We know you’ll lead it as you always do, with diligence, and we’re proud of you."

                               The installation was on Thursday night of the President and President Elect of the National Council of Churches featured welcoming statements by the Very Rev. James L. Jelinek, Episcopal Bishop of Minnesota, the Very Rev. Spenser D. Simrill, Dean of St. Mark's Cathedral, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, and U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, both Democrats.

                              The Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr., former pastor of The Riverside Church in New York and President of the Healing Nations Foundation, delivered the installation sermon.

 Posted on :27th November, 2009.

Photo Courtesy: Malankara Orthodox Church TV


Churches study how to be 'just and inclusive'

           By Reporter, 

                                     The Third Theological Conversation of NCCI from 19-21 Oct. (NCCI) 

                   The latest in a series of 'theological conversations' among church bodies in India has underscored the need to be 'Just and Inclusive' by breaking down barriers of the modern society through "sincerity, dedication and commitment to the values of Gospel."

                   The Third Theological Conversation among Lutheran churches, Methodist Church in India, Mar Thoma Syrian Church and Hindustani Covenant Church from 19-21 Oct. in Mumbai brought to light certain barriers that hinder the church in context of just and inclusivity and chalked out strategies to surmount the same.

                  "Casteism, marginalization of Dalits, Tribals and Adivasis, classism, gender discrimination, including the struggles of trans-gender, discrimination done to people with disabilities, lack of accountability, divisions among churches, attitudes of exclusivism and oppression done to the creation," were identified as few obstacles to the church's progress in modern mission.

                  To combat these barriers and to make it more just and inclusive, the Conversation prescribed "Transparency and Transformation, Equality and Equity, Accountability and Accompaniment (TTEEAA)" in churches.

                   According to Bishop Taranath Sagar, President of NCCI, churches must eschew its competitive attitude and be united to be just and inclusive. "Doctrines divide, duties unite,” he says.

                   H.G. Dr. Yakob Mar Irenaios, Chairperson of NCCI Commission on Unity, Mission and Evangelism, who led the participants in a Bible Study, suggested the participants to "integrate justice into our faiths and practice it at any cost, for that is how the witness of our churches can be revealed."

                   In the second Conversation held in November, the participating church bodies came out emphatically urging churches in India to shun ‘competition’ among each other in areas of mission and seek consensus and collaboration among themselves.

                   They underlined that “although churches are of different denominational affiliations, all are parts of the same body of Jesus Christ.”

                   The participants pledged that the concerns of the conversation shall be carried forward to their churches and to their own local contexts.

                   The culmination of the three Conversations’ series will take place at a National Conversation to be held at NCCI Campus, Nagpur during December 8-10, 2009.

 Posted on :6th November, 2009.


Dr. Mar Osthathios Receives Nilackal Award

                      Senior Metroplolitan of Malankara Orthodox Church Dr.Geevarghese Mar Osthathios received this year's Nilackal Ecumenical Award at a grand function organized by Nilackal Ecumenical Trust at Kanjirappally on 23rd October 2009.

                   Nilackal Religious Harmony award was received by poetess Sugathakumari at the same function. Both the awards were given away by H.B.the Catholicos Designate Poulose Mar Milithios Metroplolitan.

                  The meeting was inaugurated by Hon.PWD Minister Mr.P.J.Joseph and presided over by Kanjirappally Bishop Mar Mathew Arackal. His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr.Zacharias Mar Theophilos Saffragon Metropolitan of Marthoma Syrian Church, Bishop Thomas Samuel, Nilackal Trust Secretary Rev.Dr.Antony Nirappel, Imam Naushad Moulavi, Fr.George Alunkal, Anto Antony MP, Alphonse Kannanthanam MLA, Former M.G.University Vice Chancellor Dr.A.T.Devasia, A.K.C.C.President M.D.Joseph Manniparampil and St.Antony's College of International Studies Principal Raju Markose offered felicitations.

Courtesy: Malankara Orthodox TV

 Posted on :27th October, 2009.


Pope's gambit could see 1,000 Priests quit Church of England

As many as 1,000 priests could quit the Church of England and thousands more may leave churches in America and Australia under bold proposals to welcome Anglicans to Rome.
                   Entire parishes and even dioceses could be tempted to defect after Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to offer a legal structure to Anglicans joining the Roman Catholic Church.
                   His decree, issued yesterday, is a serious blow to attempts by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, to save the Anglican Communion from further fragmentation and threatens to wreck decades of ecumenical dialogue.
                   Dr Williams was notified formally only last weekend by the Vatican and looked uncomfortable at a joint press conference with the Archbishop of Westminster, the Most Rev Vincent Nichols, to announce the plan.
                    Anglicans privately accused Rome of poaching and attacked Dr Williams for capitulating to the Vatican. Some called for his resignation. Although there was little he could have done to forestall the move, many were dismayed at his joint statement with the Archbishop of Westminster in which they spoke of Anglicans “willing to declare that they share a common Catholic faith and accept the Petrine ministry as willed by Christ for his Church”.
                  In a letter to bishops and clergy, Dr Williams made clear his own discomfiture. He wrote: “I am sorry that there has been no opportunity to alert you earlier to this. I was informed of the planned announcement at a very late stage.”
                   The Bishop of Fulham, the Right Rev John Broadhurst, chairman of Forward in Faith, which opposes women bishops, hailed it as a “decisive moment” and predicted that, based on his group’s membership, up to 1,000 Church of England clergy could go.
                   Christina Rees, of the pro-women group Watch, described the Vatican’s move as poaching. She said: “It is one thing to offer a welcome, but this seems to be a particularly effusive welcome where people are almost being encouraged. In the Anglican Church we like to operate with transparency. If this has not been done here that will add to the sense of this being a predatory move.”
                   Pope Benedict wants to make Christian unity an enduring legacy of his papacy. He is due to visit Britain next year; Dr Williams will visit Rome next month. The Pope has already shown his determination to reunite Christendom at almost any price, welcoming back the traditionalist Society of Saint Pius X despite a Holocaust-denying bishop in its ranks.
                   Under the plan, the Pope will issue an apostolic constitution, a form of papal decree, that will lead to the creation of “personal ordinariates” for Anglicans who convert to Rome. These will provide a legal framework to allow Anglicans to enter full communion with the Catholic Church while preserving distinctive elements of their Anglican identity, such as liturgy. Clergy will have to be retrained and re-ordained, since Rome regards Anglican orders as “absolutely null and utterly void”, but they will be granted their own seminaries to train future priests for the new ordinariate.
                   This deal was done with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly the Holy Inquisition that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger himself headed before he became Pope.
                    The Council for Christian Unity was not represented at simultaneous press conferences in Rome and London, suggesting that the Pope has had enough of dialogue focusing on canonical moves towards unity. Dr Williams was briefed formally only when Cardinal William Levada, of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, flew to London at the weekend to tell Anglican and Catholic leaders of the plans. It is understood that leading members of the council and other senior Anglican and Catholic figures tried desperately to block the decree.
                   One result of the Vatican’s move is that women bishops are likely to be consecrated sooner rather than later in the Church of England. This is because Parliament and the General Synod will not sanction legal structures to “safeguard” opponents of women priests within the Church if Rome is offering an open door with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s blessing.
                   Dr Williams said that the announcement did not disrupt “business as usual” in relations between the two churches. It would be a serious mistake to view the development as a response to the difficulties within the Anglican Communion, he said. It was aimed at people who had reached a “conscientious conviction that visible unity with the Holy See was now what God was calling them to”, he said. “It is not a secret that in this country the ordination of women as bishops is one of those test issues.”

 Posted on :27th October, 2009.


Suicide as Sin gets decent burial in Kerala

                        - By Reporter

               Life may or may not have been fair to those who commit suicide, but the churches in Kerala have decided they will be given a “decent” Christian burial.
With changing times, conventions and practices in churches have also undergone changes.

               The Syro Malabar Catholic Church has decided that it will start giving a ‘decent’ burial to those who commit suicide, which is considered as a sin in Christianity.            

               Church spokesperson Father Paul Thelekkat said: “Formerly in our church all those committing suicide used to be buried in one corner of the cemetery. The body would not be placed inside the church and no priest would conduct any service at all.”

               But now the church has started giving them a simple burial. The body of the victim is brought to the church, a priest would be there, two ornamental umbrellas and a wooden cross would be used for the service, he added.

               But the parish vicar and the church council still have the power to decide if the victim deserves the honour. If the council decides that the suicide was a ’scandalous’ one, then the body is not allowed inside the church, Thelekkat added.

               Though the change in the rituals was announced in 2003, it is only recently that it has been brought into practice, the priest added.

               Christians in Kerala account for around 23 percent of the 3.2-crore (32 million)population, and of this Syro Malabar Catholics account for more than 50 percent followed by other denominations like the Syrian Orthodox and Mar Thoma churches.

                Father T.J. Joshua, one of the seniormost priests in the Syrian Orthodox Church, said: “No one knows the mental state of the person who took his life. Maybe he would pray to god. We have now developed a special service for such victims. The priests now offer the incense also. Before the rules were revamped, the body would be taken to the vault and a priest would just go to the home, without wearing the customary black overcoat.”

                Elaborating on the changes made in the rules in his church, Vicar General of Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, Father A.C. Kurian, said: “Now there is a separate service for such people (who commit suicide).

                 “The first part of the service is held at home, then the body is brought to the church. The third part is held at the cemetery tomb,” he said.

                  “However, a tomb in the name of the deceased is not given, but the body can either be buried in the family vault, or in the tomb of any relative,” said Fr. Kurian.

                  The church’s progressive initiatives have found support with the people.

                  “The family will be passing through great grief, and support at that time is a must. By giving (the victim) a proper burial it will be of great help to the family. Moreover, even at the last moment the person can repent, god may accept his repentance,” said a devout Christian, requesting anonymity.

Posted on :22nd October, 2009

Nillackal Ecumenical Award for H.G. Dr. Geevarghese Mar  Osthathios


                   -By, Reporter                                      


                         Sabha Ratnam H.G.Dr.Geevarghese Mar Osthathios Metropolitan has been selected for Nillackal Ecumenical Award 2009. Nilackal Ecumenical Trust, a joint body of Catholic, Orthodox, Jacobite, Marthoma and CSI churches gives away two awards every year - Nillackal Ecumenical Award and Nillackal Religious Harmony award. A jury under the chairmanship of H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr.Geevarghese Mar Athanasius of Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church has chosen Mar Osthathios for this prestigious award in recognition of His Grace's contributions to Ecumenism and Services to mankind. Nillackal Religious Harmony Award 2009 will go to Smt. Sugathakumari, the famous Poetress and Social Activist.

                          The awards will be presented at a grand function to be held at 10.30 a.m. on 23rd October at Maha Jubilee Hall, Kanjirappally which will be inaugurated by Hon.P.W.D.Minister P.J.Joseph and presided over by Bishop Dr.Mathew Arackal. H.B.the Catholicos Designate Paulose Mar Milithios of Malankara Orthodox Church will hand over the  Religious Harmony Award to Smt. Sugathakumari and Archbishop Dr.Joseph Powathil will present the Ecumenical Award to H.G.Mar Osthathios. Bishop Dr.Sam Mathew, Bishop Dr.Thomas Samuel, Nilackal Ecumenical Trust Secretary Rev.Dr.Antony Nirappel, Anto Antony M.P, Alphonse Kannanthanam M.L.A. and SACIS Principal Raju Markose will speak on the occasion. 

Posted on :2nd October, 2009  

Courtesy: Malankara Orthodox. TV



Kerala's affluent Syrian X'ians face ageing and dwindling numbers

              - By, Reporter  


                                Kerala's Syrian Christians are an unmistakable elite among all major communities in the state in socio-economic indices. But material contentment apart, the community's future appears dreary, as rapid ageing and dwindling fertility rates push the group towards the negative growth zone. Social scientists fear that the community could go the Parsi way in the country in the near term.               


                               A study by KC Zachariah of the Centre for Development Studies here points to the size of the Syrian Christians likely to hit a maximum of 30.21 lakh in 2011 and then decline to touch 28.51 lakh by 2031. Their net growth rate during 2001-31 is projected to be negative 0.19% (-0.19%) per year, and the percentage of Syrian Christians to the state's population is likely to drop from 9.5 at the beginning of the century to 8.4 by 2031.

                            "The trend has its roots in the already declining population rate, compounded by the fact that migrating Syrian Christians go to countries from where they are unlikely to return, as against those who migrate for a few years and return to the state", Mr Zachariah told ET.

                            Syrian Christians' bleak future in terms of population growth is in stark contrast to the community's accomplishments on the socio-economic indices. On a socio-economic scale of 1 to 5, with rank 5 being the most desirable, Syrian Christians are the only ones who have a rank higher than 3, while Nairs, Ezhavas, Latin Christians and Muslims all have a score between 1.5 and 2.

                           But with such a glittering feat in socio-economic indices, the community will be hard pressed to ensure that it thrives in the future, as it faces the twin issues of fewer children and an ageing population. Mr Zachariah's study shows that while the last century began with an elderly population of 4% in the community, the century ended with the elderly making up 10% of the community.

                          The first quarter of this century is likely to witness the elderly population in the community touch 25% of the total, growing at 3% per annum, as against a negative 0.35% growth for the total population.

                         Not surprisingly, Syrian Christians have done more than any other community in establishing homes for the elderly. A couple of years ago, it was seen that nearly 50% of the 125-odd old-age homes in the state were in Kottayam and Pathanamthitta districts where Syrian Christians abound, and that the Syrian Christian Community

managed 95% of these homes.

                       While there is concern that the community's clout could dwindle alongside its falling numbers, Mr Zachariah points out that it need not be so. He says the community's clout can be maintained or even increased by developing its human and material resources, and that a policy option for the community could be to invest an increasing share of its resources for the development of its human and material resources.

Posted on :2nd October, 2009  

Courtesy:Economic Times  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Not a single case of Conversion: Bangalore Archbishop

                             Archbishop Bernard Moras of Bangalore on September 9th, 2009 reiterated that there was not a single case of forced or induced conversion carried out by the Christians in Karnataka.

                    Speaking at a meeting of the newly formed Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights (KUCFHR) at the Church of South India Bishop’s House on Mission
Road here, Archbishop Moras, who heads KUCFHR, said the forum represented the rights of all the communities to co-exist peacefully and aimed at bringing together Christians of different denominations under one roof.

                     The formation of the forum has been necessitated, as violent attacks on churches and the Church personnel, including Christian priests, nuns and pastors, continued unabated in different parts of the state as well as across the country.

                     The forum brings together the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of South India, the Methodist Church, the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, the Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, the Believers Church, the Karnataka Baptist Church, the Assemblies of God Church, the Lutheran Church, the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Salvation Army and the Federation of Christian Churches Organisation among others.

                   Archbishop Moras told the media that these churches would enter into a Memorandum of Association and adhere to a code of conduct. “These Churches from now on will follow a Common Minimum Faith understanding, ethics and action programme,” he said.

                    The Common Minimum Faith understanding calls for the Churches to avoid aggressiveness in the matter of sharing of the faith and follow only those methods that are appropriate to the present time. It also suggests that the Churches stop offering material or other enticements to convert people of other faiths to Christianity.

                      On the accusations of conversions, Archbishop Moras said: “There are allegations of forced conversions against the Christian community… We respect all religions and don’t convert people either through aggression or enticements. The accusations are wrong.”

                      He further said that the Catholic Church, the Church of South India, the Methodist Church and the Heads of several other denominations had already clarified that they never indulged in forcible conversions or spoke ill of other religions.

Posted on :11th September, 2009


H.G. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa attends W.C.C's Central Committee Meeting 2009       

(From left to right) Bishop H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr Isaac Mar Philoxenos of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar,  Rev. Samuel Obafemi Ogbe of the Christian Council of Nigeria, Rev. Dr Seong-won Park of the Presbyterian Church of Korea, Rev. Dr Safwat Nagieb Ghobrial El Baiady of the Evangelican Presbyterian Church, Egypt, Synod of the Nile and Rev. Dr Jong-Wha Park of the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea and Mr Samer Laham of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East and Rev. Tofinga Vaevalu Falani of the Congregational Christian Church of Tuvalu and H.E. Metropolitan Mor Eustathius Matta Roham of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East and Bishop Dr Owdenburg Moses Mdegella of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania after the election for the venue of the 10th General Assembly at the Central Committee Meeting 2009.

Posted on: 2nd September, 2009.


Dr. Samuel Kobia retires as WCC General Secretary

                               A Farewell Service for Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia at the Ecumenical Centre Chapel was conducted on 30 August 2009.H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa was also present.

Posted on: 2nd September, 2009.


Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit elected as new WCC General Secretary

                       H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa extends warm wishes to Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit, new WCC General Secretary on behalf of Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church. 

 Posted on: 2nd September, 2009.


Call to stand by the Sufferings  

                 The Kerala Council of Churches (KCC) set itself with renewed vigour on the occasion of the launch of its sapthathi celebration here on Saturday with a commitment to bring in tangible changes in its area of operations including inter-religious faith initiatives. KCC has charted a series of programmes implementation on its Sapthathi (70th)  year.

                            Inaugurating the sapthathi fete, H.H. Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan gave a clarion call to the Church and heads of various denominations to understand the pain and agony of those suffering in the society and reminded that a style of functioning otherwise is unchristian. The Church should understand that the real mission in front of it is to work for what is good for the society.

                             KCC president Dr Abraham Mar Paulose presided over the meet.Mahatma Gandhi Pro-Vice-Vhancellor Dr Rajan Varughese gave the Sapthathi message. Bishops Rev. Dr. Thomas Samuel, H.G. Kuriakose Mar Ivanios, H.G. Kuriakose Mar Ousebius, Rev Dr Sam Mathew, Jose K Mani MP,V N Vasavan MLA, Municipal chairperson Bindu Santosh Kumar, Rev Aseer Ebenezer, representative of NCCI, and others offered felicitations.

Posted on: 30th August, 2009  


Kerala Council of Churches focuses on social issues

The 70th anniversary celebrations of the Kerala Council of Churches, the umbrella organization of the various non-Catholic Episcopal churches in Kerala, began here on Thursday.

                Inaugurating the Sapthathy Assembly organized as part of the celebrations, president of KCC, H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa said the organization had always taken positions which it deemed good for the society. This was taken in spite of the fact that, individual member churches had expressed dissent on various issues.

                 He said KCC would strongly intervene against the Court verdict that has decriminalized Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. Pointing out that the Church leadership in Kerala had not reacted to the issue in a strong and effective manner, Bishop Paulos said while decriminalizing the Section, the issue of Fundamental Rights was considered only in letter and not in spirit.

                 The Bishop also took serious note of the recurring controversy over admission in self-financing professional colleges during the past few years, especially during the admission period. Education should be viewed as the society’s long-term investment in the coming generations. As such, it was imperative on the part of all stakeholders to sit together and arrive at a consensus on the policy issues, he said.

                Sri. Rajan Gurukkal, Vice Chancellor, MG University, delivered the key note address. H.G.  Yuhanon Mar Milithos  (Orthodox Church),H.G. Thomas Mar Thimotheos (Jacobite Syrian Church),Rt.  Rev. K G Daniel (Church of South India), H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr.  Euyakim Mar Coorilos (Marthoma Church), H.G. Kuriakose Mar Ivanios (Knanaya Jacobite Church) and others spoke. The Assembly will continue on Friday.

Posted on: 27th August, 2009.


MALAYSIA  Council of Churches appeals: Free Aung San Suu Kyi

KUALA LUMPUR (UCAN) -- The Council of Churches of Malaysia (CCM) has strongly condemned the trial of Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi and called for her unconditional release.          

                      "We urge Asean countries, and most especially our government, and the rest of the international community to exert pressure on the military government to release Aung San Suu Kyi unconditionally and to restore democracy in the country," the statement said.

                       CCM President Reverend Thomas Philip and General Secretary Reverend Hermen Shastri, from the MarThoma Syrian Church and Methodist Church respectively, issued the statement on May 21. What they call a "trumped-up trial" engineered by Myanmar's military rulers to extend Suu Kyi's house arrest began on May 18.

                      "Freedom has been denied her and the people of Myanmar, as she has become the victim of political repression," the statement said.

                        Suu Kyi, 63, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, is charged with violating the terms of her house arrest by harboring an American man who swam to her lakeside home in Yangon earlier this month without government approval. Two female companions of the detained opposition leader, whose party won a landslide victory in the 1990 general election that Myanmar authorities nullified, are also charged in the case.

                        The American, John Yettaw, is also on trial and reportedly claimed in court on May 21 that he had acted after having a vision that Suu Kyi would be killed.

                         Suu Kyi has been held without trial under house arrest for 13 of the past 19 years. If convicted by the court at the notorious Insein prison near Yangon, she could be jailed for five years.

                         Critics of the junta dismiss the trial as an excuse to extend the period of her detention, which is due to expire this month, and to prevent her from involvement in next year's scheduled election.

                         "The trial is meant to mete out a judgment that will extend her house arrest for many more years and bar her from meaningful participation in the forthcoming elections," the CCM statement said.

                          The Christian council called Suu Kyi "an ambassador of passive resistance for democratic change" and a "symbol of courage and hope for the people of Myanmar and for the rest of the world."

                         "We stand in solidarity and prayer with the people of Myanmar, who are striving with great faith and hope to be able to live as a democratic and peaceful nation," its statement said.

                           The Council of Churches of Malaysia describes itself as an ecumenical fellowship of Churches and Christian organizations. The Catholic Church in Malaysia is not a member.

 Courtesy:   Union of Catholic Asian News

Posted on :23rd May 2009.

Ecumenical ‘box of chocolates’ laid out for council

Marites N. Sison
staff writer
May 7, 2009
Kingston, Jamaica

The Anglican Communion may seek to resume its dialogue with the Oriental Orthodox Churches of the Middle East, which had been postponed in 2003, following tensions among Anglicans worldwide over the issue of sexuality.

The meeting of the Anglican Oriental Orthodox International Commission scheduled in the fall of 2003 had been deferred at the suggestion of the heads of the Coptic Orthodox Church, the Syrian Orthodox Church, and the Armenian Orthodox Church, following the ordination that year of a gay bishop in the Episcopal Church in the United States and the blessing of same-sex unions in the Vancouver-based diocese of New Westminster in 2002.

The Inter-Anglican Standing Commission on Ecumenical Relations (IASCER) on May 7 asked the 14th ACC meeting here to endorse a set of resolutions, including one that urges the resumption of the Anglican Communion’s dialogue with the Oriental Orthodox Churches of the Middle East.

The resolutions and documents, compiled in a book, The Vision Before Us, also asked the ACC to commend to member provinces for adoption, “key sections” which include matters ranging from the administration of baptism and eucharist, to guidelines for ecumenical participation in ordinations to the Four Principles of Anglican Engagement in Ecumenism.

Gregory Cameron, who is bishop of the Welsh diocese of St. Asaph and former IASCER director, likened the book to “a box of chocolates” that offers many delights and surprises.

Bishop Cameron, who recalled that at the last ACC meeting in Nottingham, England, he had come with a shopping list of 18 resolutions to carry forward the Anglican Communion’s ecumenical work, this time decided to “pack an awful lot in one drop.” He asked the ACC to “consider them, amending, changing or adding to them,” saying they are “vitally important” to the Communion.

The resolution, asks the ACC, to:

• Endorse the Four Principles of Anglican Engagement in Ecumenism, which describes “the Anglican approach towards ecumenical activity and goals, and commends them to churches of the Communion;

• Endorse the IASCER resolution as they relate to the administration of the “two sacraments ordained by Christ himself,” baptism and the eucharist, and urge their adoption throughout the Anglican Communion “in the light of the importance of the convergence on administration of these sacraments in ecumenical relations;”

• Reaffirm the Guidelines on Ecumenical Participation in Ordinations;

• Request the Joint Standing Committee of the Primates’ Meeting and the ACC to “commission a review of the processes for the reception of ecumenical texts”;

• Welcome the continuing work of the various dialogue commissions of the Anglican Communion, namely the Anglican Old Catholic International Co-ordinating Council, the Anglican Lutheran International Commission, and the Anglican Methodist International Commission for Unity and Mission;

• Look forward to the Anglican Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) Preparatory Commission, and the commissioning of the third phase of the ARCIC, and the resumption of the work of the International Anglican Roman Catholic Commission for Unity and Mission and the International Commission for Anglican Orthodox dialogue;

• Resume the work of the Anglican Oriental Orthodox International Commission. (The resolution notes that, “In seeking such a response IASCER recognizes that there is a need to carefully explain to the Oriental Orthodox churches the processes by which the provinces of the Anglican Communion are responding to the Windsor Report, and also to address some of their expressed concerns by drawing their attention to the Statement of the Primates’ Meeting in 2003.” The Windsor Report, published by the Lambeth Commission on Communion, offered recommendations on dealing with the conflict in the Anglican Communion over human sexuality.)

A brief on the current state of Anglican-Oriental Orthodox Churches of the Middle East relations notes that, “A visit by the Archbishop of Canterbury to Holy Etchmiadzin, the seat of the Catholicos of All Armenia, and to other Middle Eastern Oriental Orthodox patriarchs in September 2007 also did much to move the situation forward, and guests from a number of Oriental Orthodox churches attended the Lambeth Conference” in 2008.

Bishop Cameron, meanwhile, noted that “getting the Anglican position right” on baptism and the eucharist is crucial. “They’re vital foundations for ecumenical engagement and encounter.”

The document on ecumenical participation in ordinations offers “a handy set of guidelines,” on “how far is it appropriate” for Anglicans to participate in ordinations of other traditions and vice versa, he said.

The response to draft papers for the Lutheran World Federation Lund Statement, On Episcopal Ministry within the Apostolicity of the Church, offers “a useful guide to Anglican episcopacy as well,” said Bishop Cameron. He said that the LWF, who he described as “our close cousin,” had, as an ecumenical gesture, asked Anglicans to comment on the draft paper.

Representatives of six ecumenical partners of the Anglican Communion were presented to the ACC as their fellow delegates, namely Monsignor Mark Langham (Roman Catholic Church), Metropolitan Nikitas (Orthodox), Prof. Harald Rein (Old Catholics), Paul Gardner (Moravian Church in Jamaica and World Council of Churches). They also included two Canadians, Bishop Michael Pryse (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, representing the Lutheran World Federation) and Rev. John Gibault (director of faith and order of the World Council of Churches).

“We welcome them not as observers but as sharers in our work and prayer,” said Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams.

Bishop Cameron, meanwhile, said his work has enabled him “to see diverse parts of God’s family,” adding that the experience “has blown my mind.” He added: “I have had the privilege of being able to become a member of the world family of God’s household.”

ACC delegates were later asked to participate in “ecumenical streams” of their choice that focused on various areas of Anglican engagement in ecumenism. They included Roman Catholic and Orthodox relations, Protestant relations and conversations, churches in communion, and United and Uniting Churches. Bishop Cameron urged delegates to ponder the question, “What difference does that all mean to my local church and what are the local implications of ecumenism?”

Courtesy: Anglican Journal 


Blog or Articles

By - Ponnu Tharakan, Borival Marthoma Church.

                         Long ago on a Sunday morning a mother carried her 3 year old daughter to the church. The worship started. The girl was very much excited by the songs. Suddenly she started wailing ?I want to sing, I want to sing?. The mother tried to pacify her, but in vain. So she was allowed to sing the words which she knew.

                         The daughter was later admitted to a prestegeous CSI Mission

school where she could participate in the daily worship at the school chapel and sing songs. She did her Sunday school as well as the academics from there.On finishing her studies she was married off to a marthomite household. There also she could continue her church activities. She always wanted to sing no matter what kind of a voice she had. In school when her friends joined the choir at the cathedral she was sad for she was not a member of that church and could not join the choir. In her heart of heart she cherished a desire to be a choir member one day.

                         When the Immanuel Marthoma Church Borivli has started the choir with Mrs.Valsa Thomas as choir leader she was in a mood to join. However the household responsibilities detered her from doing so. Two-three times dear Valsa has asked her to join. But she saw to it that her children are promptly sent to the choir, Sunday school and youth meetings. The children are settled and she too retired from her official duties. She could find a lot of spare time for herself. Once

again the long cherished desire popped up. Why not join the choir now ?At the same time dear Valsa has once again asked her to join the choir. One thing was sure that it was not because of her ability to sing or the kind of voice she had, but it was a call sent by the Lord God Almighty. She knew that there may not be one more call, for the strands of vocal chords were either broken or split by this time. Only a few teeth remaining to give the resonance. The heart?s desire took one step forward.

                          She just thought that she had enough reasons to join the choir. In the year 2007she had undergone three major surgeries, traveled far and wide in India and abroad, and also blessed with grandchildren. A time to sing and praise the Lord God who has granted the smallest desire of her heart.

                         Yet, it was a great challenge for her to be in the choir, where the youngest choir member is 4 years old and the seniors were well experienced. With slow steps and a thumping heart, she reached the church. As soon as the choir leader dear Valsa saw her, with a 100 watt smile and outstretched arms, came forward, embraced and took her into their fold. Small children with wide opened mouths stood in disbelief when they heard that this aunty will be a member in their choir. They stared at her. ?Oh my, this ammachi is going to sing with us??. They had a funny smile on their face. She too, after the initial low mingled with them.

                        Each day the choir practice started and closed with a prayer. A prayer for talents, performance, leaders and the young and the old. She was happy to be the oldest member at 60+. Each session commenced with vocal or breath training with DO RE ME and the like. This has helped her tremendously to attain or at least reach near to the required pitch. She never knew the DO RE ME FA of music. She checked with the sound of music to obtain the correct diction. Inspite of all these, while singing some beautiful songs with a very high pitch or low pitch she felt as if she had fallen in the abyss or drowned in the deep blue sea.

                             The choir as you know is a musical ensemble of singers. A body of singers who perform together. A beautiful rendition each time has a story worth saying. The effort goes behind each song is unimaginable The patience, the time and the skill spent on each rendition is matchless. Our dedicated leaders excel in their efforts.

                             Our choir maestro Mrs.Valsa Thomas gives adequate training to the singers and each member is treated specially. She also prepares the good singers with perfect pitch to be leaders and help them to take the rein from her. We have already a number of such very good leaders like Gamal, Don, Roy, Anju, Sheba and the list swells up.

                             Maybe you sing like a crow or croak like a frog, the choirmaster finds a suitable place for you in the SATB(Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Base). The leader makes all out effort to blend the voice thoroughly.

                           The singers vary in their ability and performance. I am glad to say that the members are under a strict discipline to achieve perfection and the best performance. Also, it is a place to learn discipline. In this short period I learnt a lot of things about a choir and its performance which I would like to share with you. The best singers possess the following ability-

1)  To sing precisely in tune and with a vocal timber and complements other singers.

2) To sing at precisely controlled, matching the dynamics prescribed by the conductor and not sing

so loudly as to be detectible as an individual voice within the section.

3)  To sight read the music fluently.

4) To read and pronounce the text accurately and in the pronunciation style specified by the leader

whatever the language be.

5)  Also need correct diction, proper vowels, and timing and correct placement of consonants.

6) To remain completely alert for long periods monitoring closely what is going on in rehearsal or


7) To monitor one's own singing and detect error, correcting them as they go along.

8) To accept direction from the conductor for the good of the group as a whole.

9) To produce a pleasing and healthy tone.

Good singers who have perfect pitch require other skills also.

1)To sing music in key other than which it is written.

2)To stay in tune even if the ensemble modulates slightly away from perfect pitch.

3)To provide ensemble with the key or a starting pitch.

                         I am grateful to God for placing me in the midst of a musical team and giving me my heart's desire. I am also thankful to our Achen and Kochamma who have supported me to have this musical interlude.

- Ponnu Tharakan

Dahisar (W)


News : 


Ascension Marthoma Church Yuvajana Sakhyam

              - By Sri. Anu Skariah,

                      Ascension Marthoma Church Yuvajana Sakhyam Group Photo 2011 taken at Philadelphia, PA  USA.

Posted on: 7th June 2011.


Court Stay

          - By Sri. Sunny Plachira,

                    The Tiruvalla Munsif Court stayed Very Rev. Varkey Ramban's election today. This is said to affect the Episcopal Ordination set to begin next month. 

               Below is given a letter of Sri. John Samuel towards Episcopal Synod against the election of Very Rev. Varkey Ramban. Please click on the below link:

John Samuel 

               Please click on the below link to access the News report which came in a daily:


Prayer Request: Please pray for Very Rev. Varkey Ramban to get over this situation as soon as possible.

Re- Posted on: 8th June, 2011. 


Copy of Court copy

  - By Sri. Sunny Plachira,

                             Please click on the link given below to access the court petition filed by Sri. John Samuel against Episcopal Ordination: Court Petition 

Posted on: 18th June 2011.


Clergy Transfer List 2011

  - By Sri. Sunny Plachira,

                   Please click on the below link to access the clergy transfer list for the year 2011. Clergy Transfer List

Posted on: 21st June 2011.


Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metrpolitan Memorial Lecture

    - By Reporter, 

                  The Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan Lecture was held on April 8th, 2011 at Episcopal Jubilee Memorial Chapel, Kottarakara.The program was attended by  Most. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa, Very Rev. K. S. Mathew, Senior Vicar General and Sabha Secretary, Mrs. Sheela Thomas I. A. S., (Chair Person, Rubber Board), Rev. George Jose, Diocesan Secretary, Rev. Raju George Anchery.

                  Mrs. Sheela Thomas presented the topic "Indian Churches and Contemporary Mission Challenges".

Alexander Mar Thoma memorial lecture - 3.jpg

A View of the Audience

Alexander Mar Thoma memorial lecture - 4.jpg

Very Rev. K. S. Mathew, Vicar General & Sabha Secretary

Alexander Mar Thoma memorial lecture - 5.jpg

Leading worship before the topic presentation

Alexander Mar Thoma memorial lecture - 2.jpg

Most. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan

Alexander Mar Thoma memorial lecture - 1.jpg

Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Timotheos, Diocesan Bishop, Trivandrum-Quilon Diocese

Sabha Council Members 2008-2011.jpg

Mar Thoma Sabha Council Members 2008 - 2011

Posted on: 22nd April, 2011


Cardinal Mar Varkey Vithayathil laid to rest

                 - By Reporter, 

                         The body of Cardinal Varkey Vithayathil, head of the Syro-Malabar Church, was laid to rest at 8.30 p.m. on Sunday at the St. Mary's Basilica here.

                    The ceremony slated for 5.30 p.m. was delayed as thousands of people from different walks of life continued to pour into the Basilica late into the evening on Sunday to pay their last respects to the Cardinal. Priests, religious, nuns and laymen came in large numbers to lay wreaths, to pray, and to catch a last glimpse of the mortal remains of the prelate, who endeared himself to his Church as a man of kindness and simplicity. The Cardinal was buried at the sanctum of the St. Mary's Basilica. The flow of people into the Basilica could not be contained even late into the evening as hundreds of volunteers were seen overseeing the queues that led to the coffin at the Basilica.

                         As many as 72 bishops and archbishops from the Catholic Church and other denominations were among those who came to get a final glimpse of the Cardinal. Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan Dr Philipose  Mar Chrysostom was one among the first leaders  to pay homage to the departed spiritual head.The catholic bishops present requested His Grace for speaking a few words and later requested for a word of prayer which were received with much respect by the bishops, priests,nuns and other believers  present. 


                    H.G. conveyed the condolence on behalf of The Marthoma Church                     

                     BJP president Nitin Gadkari was among those who paid their respects to the Cardinal at the Basilica. Union Ministers of State K.C. Venugopal and K.V. Thomas; State Ministers K.P. Rajendran, M.A. Baby and T.M. Thomas Isaac; former Ministers P.J. Joseph and K.M. Mani; K.G. Daniel, CSI Bishop; Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore A.M. Chinnappa and Archbishop of Bangalore Bernard Moraes paid their homage.

Posted on: 11th April, 2011.


Marthoma Messenger   

              - By Adv. Lal Varghese, Esq., Associate Editor

                     Mar Thoma Messenger is the official publication of the Diocese of North America and Europe of the Mar Thoma Church. 
                     It began publication in 1982 and has completed 29 years of its successful publication in 2011. 
                     The Messenger Editorial Committee, Managing Committee and Advisory Board jointly take part in the subscriptions, advertisements, and publication of the magazine.
                       It is published on a quarterly basis from New York and mailed to subscribers by regular mail. It contains articles by well known writers including our Bishops, Achens and laity. It also contains news and photos from parishes and organizations both on the parish level and diocesan level. 
                        You are welcomed to send articles which has never been published in any other medium to the Associate Editor at in word format along with your passport size photo in jpeg format (310 dpi) and a small bio data about the author to be considered for publication in the future issues. 

                        If you would like to subscribe please fill out the subscription form attached and send the same along with your cheque to the Diocesan office address:

Sinai Mar Thoma Center,
 2320 Merrick Avenue, 
Merrick, New York 11566
Phone: 516 377 3311 | Fax: 516 377 3322


                      Please click on the below link to download the pdf file containing the subscription form:

          Marthoma Messenger Subscription Form      

                       These are the old issues of Marthoma Messenger:

Posted on: 10th April, 2011. 


Consecration of Philadelphia Marthoma Church

  - By Sri. Cyril Mathew,

               The below seen are some of the snaps taken during the consecration of Philadelphia Marthoma Church on March 26th, 2011. Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosious Episcopa was the Chief Celebrant. Many priests from other parishes attended.


Posted on: 6th Apr. 2011.


Few snaps from Mandalam

                 - By Sri. Sunny Plachira,

                           Below given are two photos from the Mandalam Election which was held at Thiruvalla from Mar.8th and Mar.9th , 2011. Please wait for a while to load. 

Posted on: 17th Mar. 2011  


 Kuwait Parish Family Fest- 2011

       - By Sri. Vipin Tharian, 

                  Kuwait Marthoma Parish recently conducted their family fest this month. It was a joyous gathering of families. Food and cultural programmes were a visual treat. It was conducted on Saturday 26th Feb. 2011 at Indian Central School, Abbasiya.  

             Below given are the few glimpses of this event. 


 Posted on: 3rd March, 2011. 


Adieu to a childhood friend

            - By Sri. Shelvin Sebastian,        


Late Aranmula Ponnamma, Veteran Malayalam Actress 

                   KOCHI: Philipose Mar Chrysostom, the seniormost bishop of the Mar Thoma Church and Aranmula Ponnamma studied together in the Maramon High School. “We were classmates from kindergarten to Class Three and became friends,” he says.

                   Once, a boy cheated in an exam. The Principal was about to penalise him when the teacher said, “Please punish me, since I did not spot the cheating.” So, the Principal hit the teacher. All the students cried when they saw this. “I remember the tears streaming down Ponnamma’s face,” says Mar Chrysostom. “This incident brought the teachers and the students closer.”

                  Later, Ponnamma got married and Mar Chrysostom went on for further studies. “We went our different ways,” he says.

                      More than 20 years later, Mar Chrysostum met up with Ponnamma once again. By then she had made her name as an actress.

                   “She is an excellent performer,” says Mar Chrysostom. “In fact, she became the character in the roles that she played. I have seen several films of hers, but now, owing to my age, I am 93 now, I cannot recall the names.”

                 Once Mar Chrysostom told Ponnamma, “Cinema is not true. It is all make-believe. But you have a bigger impact than me. When I tell the truth, people go to sleep. But when you talk, the people remain wide awake.”

                     Ponnamma laughed out aloud.

                    The Bishop and the actress met on and off. A couple of years ago they had lunch along with Chief Minister V S Achuthanandan at Ponnamma’s home in Thiruvananthapuram.

                     “There will never be another actress like Ponnamma,” says Mar Chrysostom.

Marthoma Vishesham pays it's respects to the  childhood friend of Valiya Thirumeni. To add, Valiya Thirumeni also commented that "My number of friends in eternity have increased by one more, whom all I will be able to meet on that day of call".    

Posted on: 23rd Feb. 2011. 


Updates from Bangalore Centre Student's Ministry (E- ministry, Bangalore)

               - By, Rev. Thomas John, Student's Chaplain, Bangalore,

                       E-Ministry Bangalore reaches out to students in forty colleges in and around Bangalore.  In addition to reaching out to youths in all Marthoma parishes in Bangalore, it also conducts student fellowship groups in 9 campuses for students from different denominations and faiths. Personal visits, counselling and prayer support, celebrating Holy Communion, conducting Bible studies, retreats and seasonal programmes through fellowship groups in colleges are some of the activities of E-ministry Bangalore. This January we had 3 certain unique activities as follows:

1) Donation for Chikballapur girls’ hostel construction

                      E-ministry Bangalore donated an amount of Rs. 1,00,000 for the construction of a new girls’ hostel at Chikballapur mission in Karnataka. The amount was gifted to the missionary achen Rev. Giju John through the hands of Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos at the Bangalore centre convention’s final day programme at Beerasandra on 9th January 2011. This amount was raised by E-Ministry Bangalore by conducting a fund raising programme called Darshan. Darshan was a theatre programme conducted by 150 youths from the Bangalore Centre in December 2008. 


2) Adventure camp (A unique first time experience ever)

                          E-ministry Bangalore organised an adventure camp at Avalanche jungle camp site, 33kms away from Ooty. Twenty two youths including two achens and their families went on this trip from 14-16th January 2011. Activities included trekking, rapelling, kayaking and gorge walking. In addition there was time for daily morning and evening quiet time and prayer, team building challenge games, Bible study, etc.  It was a first time experience for the youths of this centre wherein they got to learn about Christian discipleship, life skills and responsible nature tourism through adventure activities in a remote forest location.
                              Please wait for the picture to load.

3) Youth Convention 
                           A youth convention was conducted by E-ministry Bangalore on 23rd January 2011 at Bethel Marthoma Church, Krishnarajapuram. It was attended by 250 youths from various colleges and parishes across Bangalore. Mr. Silas Balraj, Director of Compassion, spoke on the theme Life Worth Living. It was an opportunity for youths from different colleges and churches to listen to the Word of God and commit their lives to Christ. 

                           Please wait for the picture to load. 


 If any student wants to participate in this ministry he/she may contact:

The Students’ Chaplain, Rev. Thomas John (Mob:09986141002)

Come, lead a life closer to your God and Church. It's an open welcome invitation.

An opportunity which knocks only once!. 

The spiritual and academic needs of students will be taken care of. Spread the news of such a ministry!!!.  

Posted on: 20th Feb. 2011. 


Those precious old moments.............

- By Sri. Adarsh Varghese, Pathanamthitta,
                These are some of the old pictures moments from the installation of Vicar Generals at kozhencherry St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church on 11th June 2010 at 8.00am. 
                 Seen below are Most Rev. Dr. Jospeh Mar Thoma Metropolitan, Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philaxenos,Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas, Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Thimotheos, Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose ordaining Very Rev. K.S. Mathew and Very Rev. K.M. Mammen. 
 Posted on: Feb. 10th 2010.


Markosinte Malika...........................

                    - By Adarsh Varghese, Pathanamthitta,

                Please wait for a while to load 


                      The above is a photo taken during the Holy Land Visit which took place as part of the Student's Conference. His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan and Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa along with few clergymen and holy land visitors and students visited the Holy Land.

                      The picture is taken at St. Mark's Room or "Markosinte Malika (In malayalam). This Church is the place wherein the Last Supper is believed to have been held. Hence, it is a place which holds utmost importance in Christianity since the Sacrement called "Holy Qurbana" came into being. Still Holy Qurbana is held in Aramaic or Syriac (The language which our Lord Jesus used). 

                      The Church is under the Syriac Orthodox Church and is believed to be the First Church in the entire Christianity.

                      Tomorrow being a Sunday, let us remember our Lord who established this Sacrement for us. As St. Thomas said, "Let us all go and die with Him". Wishing you a Blessed Sunday.  

                      Please click on the following link to view more picture of this Church:

Posted on: 5th Feb. 2010. 


Thirumeni's stand on Kuwait Marthoma Parish

    - By Reporter,
                           Below is given 2 videos and a link on the Kalpana from Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose Episcopa regarding the division of Kuwait Marthoma Parish.
1) Kalpana (In Malayalam)
                  Click here 
2) Videos
Posted on: 3rd Feb. 2011.


The tears of joy and a thanks offering of a five year old 

                - By, Sri. N.M. Mathew,

                                        Maramon Convention Special 

 Lunch programme at Maramon Convention 2011

               Annually, believers from far and near come to Maramon to attend the week long Convention meetings. In earlier days there were no means of transport as we know it now a days. They came by Kettuvallam (river boat),  by bull-o-Cart or by walking. Those who came by Kettuvallam moored near the pandal (large tent) and stayed in the boat for one whole week. Others came a few days earlier and stayed with their relatives or friends in nearby parishes. The homes there  prepared all kinds of delicious food items, and made their homes comfortable for their relatives whom they see only once during the convention days. There were Chottu kada (Restaurants) for serving food. But majority of them depended on their friends and relatives for accommodation and meals. People enjoyed preparing food and entertaining them.

                 Today that system is no more feasible. Now we have special buses, special trains and plenty of restaurants around Kozhencherry and Maramon; The believers come in the morning, attend the meetings and return the same day. Only very seldom relatives meet each other. Number of guests visiting homes also have diminished. That close relationship and fellowship also began to dwindle.

                  It was at this time a new program to help the needy was suggested by The Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan. Following the footsteps of Jesus feeding the 5000, Thirumeni with the help of Kozhencherry parish devised a method of supplying lunch at a cheaper rate to those who cannot afford. The expenses were met by donations from members of the Kozhencherry parish.

                  The project began in 2008. It was a great success. So they organized it again in 2009 and 2010.

                  In 2010 convention week, 15,000 food packets were distributed. That year there was a big surplus amount. So Rs. 5,00,000 was spent for Pain and Palliative care unit; 10 patients who found it difficult to pay for their hospital expenses were given financial support; and so on. 

                  In 2010 the parish is planning to distribute 25,000 food packets. The Inauguration of collecting donations was held on Sunday December 19 at Kozhencherry palli after the Holy communion worship. The Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan was there to bless the occasion. Those who were present gave their donations to Thirumeni.

                  It was at this time, the five year old carried by his father and accompanied by his mother came to the microphone. He was suffering from a serious disease, was not able to afford the hospital expenses, when the Maramon Convention Lunch programme came forward to help him. Now he is completely cured. That littler boy was there to express his thanks and also to donate a sum for 2011 programme.

Posted on: 2nd Jan. 2010.


Episcopal Elections 2011

                    - By Sri. N.M. Mathew (Reporting from Sabha Mandalam at Thiruvalla)

FIRST DAY. (Tuesday, March 8th, 2011)

Number voted: Clergy – 398; laymen – 755


Clergy: (Minimum vote required 75%)

Rev. Oommen George Kassesa            -  Votes 308 (77.39%)

Rev. Dr. Vargese Mathai Kassessa       -  Votes 336 (84.42%)

Rev. K.V. Varkey Kassesa                  -  Votes 292 (73.37 %)


Laymen: (Minimum vote required 75%)

Rev. Oommen George Kassesa            - Votes  616 (81.59 %)

Rev. Dr. Vargese Mathai Kassessa       - Votes  619 (81.99 %)

Rev. K.V. Varkey Kassesa                  - Votes  611 (80.93 %)


         At the end of the day Metropolitan declared that Rev. Oommen George Kassesa, andRev. Dr. Vargese Mathai Kassessa were elected to be ordained as Episcopas.”


SECOND DAY (Wednesday, March 9th, 2011)

Number voted: Clergy – 388; laymen – 644


Clergy: (Minimum vote required 75%)

Rev. K.V. Varkey Kassesa                  -  Votes 323 (83.25%)


Laymen: (Minimum vote required 75%)

Rev. K.V. Varkey Kassesa                  -  Votes 529 (82.14%)


                  At the end of the day Metropolitan declared that Rev. K.V. Varkey Kassesa was elected to be ordained as an Episcopa.


             Thus all the three Kassessas (clergy) whose names submitted by the selection committee were declared elected.

Posted on: 9th Mar. 2011. 


Pray for our Beloved Achens

 - By  Sri. Sunny Plachira,    

              The Episcopal Nomination Board met several times and after detailed enquiries and due consideration,  has prepared a list of the following three Achens as provisional Episcopal Nominees: - 

1. Rev. Oommen George, Kottakkattu Puthenveedu, of Kannamkode Mar Thoma Parish 

2. Rev. Dr. Varghese Mathai, Kalayil Kannan Poikayil, of Immanuel Mar Thoma Parish, Thumpamon
3. Rev. K. V. Varkey, Parayil, of St. George Mar Thoma Parish, Kochi  


                              The Sabha Council has decided to conduct the Episcoal elections on March 8th and 9th, 2010 at 11:00 am in Thiruvalla at the Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan Auditoruim. For further deltails, please click on the below link:

Mandalam Notice  

Posted on: 24th Feb. 2011


Maramon Convention

              - By  Reporter,    

                       116th Maramon Convention will be held from 13th Feb. to 20th Feb. 2011.
1) Maramon Convention comes to an end
          Please click on the following link to know more:

2) Rejuvenating the soul by Kerala's River Pampaa 
          Please click on the following link to know more:

3) Yuvavedhi- 2011 - Maramon Convention
         Yuvavedhi is the exclusive youth meeting organised by Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam. This year it is organised from 17th to 19th, 2011 at 4:00 pm every day. Please click on the following link to know more:
4) Photos of Naveekarnam Stall opened at the Convention ground
             On the 13th of February, His Grace Most Rev. Dr.
 Joseph marthoma inagurated Naveekaranam exhibition stall 
at 5:00 pm. Few of the pics are displayed below. Courtesy: Sri.A
darsh Varghese, Pathanamthitta
5) New website started for Maramon Convention exclusively
6) Maramon Convention 2011 starts 
              Please click on the below given link to read more                                        
7) Maramon Convention- 2011 Press Conference
             Please click on the following link to read the press conference statement brought out by the managing committee. Courtesy: THE HINDU 
8) Photos of Sri. Biju .P. Thomas
9) Maramon 2011 Speakers
          Please click on the below link to view it:
10) Metropolitan's Kalpana
             Please click on the below link to view it:
11) Kalnattu Karmam:                           
                       Please click on the following link to view the photo of Kalnattu Karmam held on 3rd Jan. 2011: 
Posted on:  22nd Feb. 2011


Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metropolitan visited the ruler of Ras Al Khaimah His Highness Shaikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi 

  - By Sri. Abhijith Parayil,

                   His Grace the Rt. Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metropolitan recently visited the ruler of Ras Al Khaimah His Highness Shaikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi at his palace.  During this meeting Mar Chrysostom expressed his condolence on the death of Shaikh Saqr Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, the late ruler of the emirate.  Thirumeni wished prosperity to the new ruler His Highness Shaikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi.  Mar Chrysostom also expressed his sincere thanks to the ruling family for allocating a free plot of land to build a Mar Thoma Parish at Ras Al Khaimah.   


Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Marthoma Valiya Metropolitan with Ras Al Khaima's Ruler His Highness Shaikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi  

                    Rev. V Kunjukoshy, Vicar - Dubai Mar Thoma Church, Mr. N. C Abraham , Mr. John C Abraham, Mr. Immanuel & Mr. Abey John were also with Mar Chrysostom during the visit.

Posted on: 25th Jan. 2011.  


Analysis on Reformation

                 - By Reporter,

                         The below given letter highlights the Church history and the reformation it underwent and  violation of its principle by giving way to THEOCRACY. Please click on the below link to read it :

                          Analysis on Reformation

Posted on: 19th Jan. 2011.


Know thyself, thereby know the world: Mar Chrysostom

 - By Sri. Abhijith Parayil,

                   His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metropolitan inaugurated Samarpanam - 2011 which was organised by Y's Men's Club of New Dubai . 

From Left - Dr. Shihab Ghanem (Arab Poet), Mrs. Manju Saira John - Club President, Mar Chrysostom Valiya Thirumeni, John C Abaham - General Convenor - Samarpanam - 2011, Alex Kochummen - Main Sponsor, Mr. Abraham George - District Governor, Gulf - Y's Men International & Mrs. Leni Abraham - Club Secretary

                        Who are we?. What are our Life Goals?. What can we give to this World?. If these questions are understood by each one if us and if we work towards it, we can come to know about the world and thereby we can dedicate our lives to other's needs. Thus spoke   His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metropolitan.

                       Valiya Thirumeni praised the efforts of  Y's Men's Club of New Dubai. In the next five years, people below poverty line must come up above the poverty line. This, is my dream, said Thirumeni. 

                       On Jan. 14th, 2011, Friday, at Indian School Auditorium was filled with a huge crowd, was enthralled with the colourful cultural programs which were presented.

                       Smt. Manju Saira John presided over the meeting. Dr. Shihab Ghanem (Arab Poet) presented a momento to H.G. Mar Chrysostom. Allianz Group Chairman Dr. Alex gifted Rs. 50,000 as a donation on behalf of Y's Men's Club of New Dubai for Thirumeni's humanitartian works. 

                       Program Convenor Sri. John. C. Abraham, Whiz Medai Managing Director Smt. Nisha Joseph, Sri. Pradeep Abraham, Sri. Leni Abraham , Sri. Radhakrishnan, Sri. Shibu Maohan, Sri. Siby Thomas, and Sri. Rajesh Thomas gave support to various services. 

                        Rehabilitation for HIV /AIDS children,  Eye operation to 93 patients (The number 93 being the age of Valiya Thirumeni) etc., were the programs that  Y's Men's Club of New Dubai dedicated during Samarpanam 2011.

Posted on: 18th Jan. 2011. 


Worship Service at Kuwait Marthoma Parish

             - By Reporter,

          Attached below are the pictures and a video for the Kuwait Mar Thoma Church, Worship Service held at Marina Hall, Abassiya Kuwait on January 14, 2011. This should be viewed in contrast with the attendance at three newly formed new parishes. All this remind us of the  tale of the farmer who had a goose that laid golden eggs. 

              More than 1,000 members attended the service that was a blessing for all because of the pain that each parishioner is going through due to the unilateral decision taken by the Metropolitan, Mar Thoma Church. The number of chairs for parishioners at this very venue for the next service, which is on January 21, 2011 is going to be increased to 1,500. Let us hope this is going to be a real blessing for all gathered. The worship service held was using the approved liturgy of Mar Thoma Sabha. Also, displayed prominently at the venue was the logo of Kuwait Mar Thoma Church.

        A resolution was read and a signature campaign was undertaken with all the members gathered signing a petition requesting the Metropolitan to rethink of his decision. More than 1,000 members signed the petition and more signatures will be collected in the coming days.
Please click on the below links to view pictures:
                  Seen below is the Video:
 [Your video will appear here]

Posted on:  17th Jan. 2011.


Kalpana against Church indiscipline

         - By Reporter,

                      The below given is a Kalpana issued by H.G. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan against those members of Kuwait Marthoma Parish who were found to violate Church discipline during New Year Day.

Kalpana against Church indiscipline

Posted on: 13th Jan. 2011.


Three New Parishes in Kuwait 

            - By Reporter,

                      Amidst all the confusions and chaos, three new parishes were born. They are :

1)  Kuwait St. Peter's Marthoma Parish

2) Kuwait St. John's Marthoma Parish

3) Kuwait St. James's Marthoma Parish

                      A brief article on these 3 Parishes and on the confusions prevailing:

 3 new Parishes

                       The Holy Qurbana services conducted at each of this parish can be viewed here below:                Posted on: 11th Jan. 2011.


Kalpana which never saw the light               

                 - By Reporter,

                             Please click on the below given links to know more:

An introduction

                             The Kalpana in different parts: 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 

Posted on: 10th Jan. 2011. 


New Parish at Kuwait 

  - By Reporter,

                     The below given you tube video shows the inugral service of the St. Peter's Marthoma Parish, Kuwait. 

               The person who posted the video claims and we quote him or her:

"In an unjustified move Mar Thoma Metropolitan dissolved Kuwait Mar Thoma Parish which existed 47 years and formed three Separate churches as independent entities. This decision is not in accordance with the will of 99% of Church members, and they decided to boycott the services of New Parishes. This video is about the Inaugural Service of one of the newly formed St. Peter's church, Abbasiya Kuwait.

Total Units: 731
members: approx. 2000
Attendees: 33 members
Abstained: 1967 members"

Posted on: 8th Jan. 2010.


Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorious Award

        - By, Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,

                Senior Metropolitan of the Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church ,Most Rev.Philipose Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metroplitan has been selected for the Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios Award, instituted by the Association of Mar Ivanios College Old Students (AMICOS).

                The senior Church leader will be presented the award by Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis Catholicos, the Major Archbishop of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church. The award carries a purse of Rs 50,000, citation and a memento.

Posted on: 8th Jan. 2010.


Crisis at Kuwait Marthoma Parish 

             - By Sri. Remy Sam and Sri. Vipin

           Given here are the News supplement that appeared in a Daily called "Madhyamam". This news about the current happenings at Kuwait Marthoma Parish. To read more, please click on the following link: 



            To read the grievance of a young marthomite on this issue, please click on the below link:

A humble petition 


Special Prayer requestIt is the duty of us fellow Marthomites to pray for God's wisdom to dawn upon us in this time of crisis. Marthoma Vishesham calls on all Marthomites around the world to knock at the Lord's door for a peaceful settlement of this crisis. Let the Lord enable our Leaders to take right decision. 

Re-Posted on: 4th Jan. 2010. 


Metropolitan's Kalpana for Kuwait Parish

          - By Reporter,

               Please click on the following link to read and know more: Kuwait Kalpana

Posted on:  18th Dec. 2010.


Gulf Marthoma Youth Meet -2010

            - By Sri.Punnoose Anchery,

                       A glimpse in to the recently concluded Gulf Marthoma Youth Meet -2010. The below picture was taken with Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa (Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam President) at Quatar. Please wait for a while to load.

Posted on: 25th Nov. 2010


Navathy celebrations (1920-2010) of Kollam Mar Thoma Church, Thevally

      - By Sri. N.M. Mathew, 

          Kollam Pattanam, once the capital of Travancore, being an important trading centre also, attracted many to settle there for trade purposes. A number of young Marthoma families with school-aged children living in this Pattanam found it necessary to have a church in the community that they live.

         So they started coming together for prayer and worship. Rev. V.I.Philipose, (1883-1966) Vadsakanazhikathu, Kundara gave them the necessary leadership and they formed a congregation. The Most Rev. Titius II, Mar Thoma Metropolitan (Mar Thoma XVI) granted its recognition as a parish in 1920. Rev. V.I.Philipose was the vicar. Having 14 parishes under his leadership, Rev. V.I.Philipose found it difficult to carry out his duties, metropolitan appointed Rev. P.E. Mathew, Neduvelil, Kozhencherry as the vicar who served this parish from 1936-1944.

           The parish organized a one week long Navathy celebrations from November 7 to 14, 2010. The debut Holy Communion service was celebrated at 7.30 am by the parish vicar Rev. Johnson Varghese. In the evenings meetings were conducted in the church. Main speakers were Dr. Mohan Varghese (Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla), Dr. K.V. Varghese (Rtd. Professor, Mar Thoma College, Tiruvalla), Rev. Vinod Victor (Co-ordinator, S.A.Ecumenical Partnership Programme, WCC) and Evangelist Ampotti, Maramon.

            November 14, 2010 was the Parish Day. Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Tiimotheos Episcopa (Trivandrum-Kollam Diocese) celebrated Holy Communion at 7.30 am. 16 children received their first communion on that day.

             This was followed by a meeting presided over by the Diocesan Thirumeni. Retd. Justice of the Supreme Court of India, Padma Bhushan Justice K.T. Thomas was the Chief Guest. Senior citizens 75 years and above were honoured. Endowment Scholarships were awarded to deserving students. Clergy Service Board was unveiled and the Parish Directory was released. Sunday school children presented various programs, which were commendable.

              They did not forget their members who were great leaders of yester years. Mr. T.M. Varghese, (leader of the State Congress, & Minister), Padma Bhushan Justice K.T. Thomas, (Retd. Justice of the Supreme Court of India). Evangelist George Kakkanadan (Senior) and others.

Posted on: 18th Nov. 2010.


Churches should listen to criticism: Mar Chrysostom

  - By Adv. Nalloor Sir,          

                  Valiya Metropolitan of Mar Thoma Church Philipose Mar Chrysostom has said that the church denominationsshould ponder over the other side of the truth to know the real and complete truth.

                  Inaugurating the first-ever general body meeting of the Christian Editors and Writers Society at Maramon Retreat Centre near Kozhenchery on Friday, Philipose Mar Chrysostom, who was instrumental in convening the unique event, said that to understand the other side of the truth, the churches should listen to criticisms. The assessment of works undertaken by the churches for the society should be made by others, Mar Chrysostom said.

                  Churches should be ready to face criticism so that proper correction could be made, if necessary. Christian editors should understand the real truth and publish articles that could enlighten the mass, the Valiya Metropolitan said. Mar Chrysostom said that the coming together of the Catholic, Orthodox, Protesant and Pentacostal churches under the label of Christan Editors could augur well for opening a new chapter in Ecumenism. The Valiya Metropolitan called upon the editors for launching an awareness programme against liquor. Editors Society president Fr Paul Thelakkattu presided over the function. Secretary Mathew Koshy Punnackadu welcomed the gathering. Thomas Mathew, D Benjamin, Pastor Philip P Thomas, Rev A T Abraham, Joseph Pulikunnel, Rev V T John and Jose Parakadavil spoke.

Posted on: 17th October, 2010.


Holy Land Tour -2010 

       - By Sri. N.M. Mathew,

                    For the Mar Thoma Students Conference this year, there was a Quiz Competition and the first prize given was a trip to the Holy Land. The leaders decided to organize a tour for others also who wished to take part in it.  Arrangements were made by Royal Omania, Kochi and a very successful and enjoyable trip was conducted from September 23 to October 3. 2010.

                     Leaders were Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma and Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa and the organizers were Prof. Thomas Mathew and Capt. Roys Mallasery. Altogether  118 (including two bishops and 3 priests) from allover India (112), USA (4) and Canada (2) participated. For many of them it was once in a lifetime experience. They were able to visit most of the important places in Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Egypt, mentioned in the Bible. In addition they were able to organize three important events also.

Cana in Galilee

                      Early morning on Sunday September 26, 2010 Holy Communion was celebrated in the church by Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa in the presence of Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan. It was here that there was a marriage to which Jesus, the mother and disciples were invited. (John2:1-11)

The House of Mark

                      On 28 September 2010, Holy Communion was celebrated at St. Marks Syrian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan was the celebrant assisted by Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa.

                      It is believed that it was here the last meal (Last Supper) Jesus had with his 12 disciples before his crucifixion. (Matthew 26:17-29, Mark 14:12-25, Luke 22:1-38, John 13-16)

About this house:

(i) It is the first Christian Church

(ii) This is also known as the Upper Room where Jesus had his Last Supper with his disciples. At present this room is underground because the streets of first century Jerusalem were at least 12 feet (3.6 meters) lower than those of today.

(iii) This house belonged to the Mother of Mark. (Mark the evangelist who traveled with Paul and who brought Christianity to Egypt).

(iv) After crucifixion disciples gathered in this house. (Mark 16:14, John 20:19)

(v) It was here Thomas answered, “My Lord and my God”. (John20:28)’

(vi) From here they went to Mount Olives for the ascension.

(vii) It was here the disciples were together on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1).

(viii) In 1655, Mar Gregorios Abdul-Jaleel, Patriarch of this Church in Jerusalem consecrated Mar Thoma I (1653-1670) of the Malankara Church at Niranam, in Kerala.


                  “Peace based on justice only will give safety to the human race,” said Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan in his introductory message at the Wider Ecumenical Meeting, held at the conference hall of the Shepherd Hotel in Bethlehem on September 28. Mar Thoma continued, “Middle Eastern countries should urgently find solutions for their internal problems. People should be able to live in peace.”

                 Palestine Tourism Minister H.E. Daibes-Abu Dayyeh inaugurated the meeting. She expressed her wish that there will be more cooperation between India and Palestine in the field of visits to the Holy Lands. H.E. Bishwadeep Dey, Ambassador of India to Palestine also addressed the gathering.

                Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa, Father Sleeba Kattumanghadu (India),  Fr Samoore (Bethlehem),  Dr. P.J. Alexander, Samuel Thomas,  Ashok Ravi, Swami Abu Ayida, Prof Thomas Mathew, Prof Roys Mallassery and Jose Sleeba gave short speeches.

Posted on : 8th Oct. 2010.



- By, Sri. Kevin P. Daniel,

 UAE  Mar  Thoma  Youth  Chaplaincy  Forum – A One Day Retreat

             The U.A.E. Mar Thoma Youth Chaplaincy Forum conducted APHESIS IV which was hosted by Abu Dhabi Mar Thoma Church. APHESIS is a greek word which means “ Set Free ”. The Youth Chaplaincy centre meetings are known by the name ‘ APHESIS’. The U.A.E. Mar Thoma Youth Chaplaincy Forum consists of members of the U.A.E. Mar Thoma Parishes namely Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah & Sharjah.

              The 4th edition of APHESIS was organized under the patronage of His Lordship Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius. The meeting was graced by His Lordship Rt Rev Dr Isaac Mar Philoxenos and led by Rev. Zachariah Alexander, the UAE Mar Thoma Youth Chaplain. Mar Philoxenos Tirumeni delivered a very inspiring message to all Youths reminding them of their purpose in this world. Zachariah Achen lovingly called as  Zack Achen, is the initiator and leader of all Youth activities in the U.A.E.  Aphesis IV was held on  Sept 25th 2010 and the event was also honored by the presence of Rev. Kunju Koshy, Vicar of Dubai Mar Thoma Church and Rev Thomas Kurian Anchery, Vicar of the Abu Dhabi Mar Thoma Church.

               192 Youths from all over the U.A.E. attended this meeting. The meeting started off with worship .The Programs for the day started off with a bang with some electrifying songs and Theme Presentation by the Abu Dhabi Mar Thoma Youth & Teens. The theme for Aphesis IV was “ Chosen & Appointed”- St John 15: 16. The afternoon singing sessions were led by the Sharjah Youths.

                The best and the most interesting part of the day was the Theme class. The main speakers were Mr. Johnson Thomas, from the CSI Church, Abu Dhabi who led the Theme class for the youths and Mr. Sam Verghese, Head Master of Abu Dhabi Mar Thoma Sunday School, who led the session for the teens. Based on the Theme Study Group Discussions were held and feedbacks were taken from each group. The Speakers played a vital role in the day by expressing the theme in a manner that is applicable to our daily lives. During the afternoon session, Adv. P.A.Cyrus  conducted an interactive session. Adv. P.A.Cyrus is currently serving as a missionary.

                 This was indeed a blessed day. Lets continue to pray for the U.A.E. Mar Thoma Youth Chaplaincy Forum , its leaders and all its members.

Posted on: 7th October 2010.


Holy Qurbana conducted at the Upper Room

   - By Sri. N.M. Mathew from Jerusalem reports:

             Our Lord had his Last Supper in the Upper room, in Jerusalem.
             On September 28, 2010, Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma, assisted  by Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Barnabas celebrated Holy communion in this Upper Room.
              They are now in the Holy Land as part of a visit to the Holy Land organized by the Mar Thoma Students Conference. 118 Marthomites including The Metropolitan, Barnabas Thirumeni and three Achens are participating in this tour.
              The team which at present stationed at Bethlehem will go to Cairo and will then return back to India. 
                More updates to follow...................
The prayers of all the Marthomites along with Marthoma Vishesham's goes out to the entire team for their safe journey. May God's abundant grace bless us all.

Posted on: 30th Sept. 2010.


Youth Camp of Dubai Marthoma Youths    

      - By Sri. Gilu Kalliserry,

                 Dubai Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam Youth Camp was held on Sept. 10th & 11 2010 at Emirates International school, Sharjah.

                  The main talk was delivered by Bro. George Cherian (Missions India,Thiruvalla).

                  The camp leaders were Rev. V Kunju Koshy , Rev . Thomas Mathew , Rev . Zachariah Alexander.

                  The Theme was "Right Living in the Wrong World".

Posted on: 15th Sept. 2010.


Kuwait Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam's 17th Harvest Festival concludes

  - By Sri. Vipin Abraham Tharian (Kuwait Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam Secretary),

                  The 17th Harvest Festival concluded on Sept. 11th 2010 at Kuwait Marthoma Parish in a grand manner.

                  Please click on the below given link to read the Malayala Manorama News Report o the event:           

                  To catch a glimpse of this colourful event, please visit:

Posted on: 14th Sept. 2010. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Iftar -2010 conducted by Bahrain Marthoma Youths  

         - By , Sri. Alex Varghese,

                   An Iftar Party was organized by the Bahrain Marthoma Youths for the first time on 6th September 2010.

                   Many eminent members, workers, religious leaders ,parishioners etc., attended it and made it a grand success. The detailed news report with a photo, from a daily about this event is found below: (Please wait for a while to load)


Posted on: 10th Sept. 2010.


Future lies in the hands of Balagokulam Kids - Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan

        - By Reporter,

                    "Future of Kerala is secure in the hands of these kids and certainly not in the hands of Achuthanandan's or Umman Chandi's "  - Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan made this comment by taking part in the Family meet organised by Balagokulam Panthalam Taluk commitee here as part of Sree Krishna Jayanthi celeberations.

                    Metropolitan was impressed by the ideals inculculated among kids by Balagokulam. Respect towards elders and senior citizens are lacking among current generation but the discipline and character moulding by Balagokulam and instilling the cultural ethos among kids is highly appreciable, told metropolitha in his inaugural address.


                              Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Marthoma Valiya Metropolitan at Balagokulam

                        Senior Metropolitan Bishop of the Mar Thoma Church inaugurated the meet by adoring Sree Krishna's vigraha with flower garlands.Swami Yogavruthananda of Sri Ramkrishna Mission ,Belur Madom was the chief guest.RSS Dakshin Kshatriya Boudhik Shikshan Pramukh J Nandakumar , Balagokulam curriculum committe president E M Gopalakrishnan and other organisers present along with Balagokulam kids and family members.
                          Radhamaniyamma, Mother of Kargil Balidani, Sceintist Dr Kesavan Nampoothiri, Dr D Vijayakumar, Cartoonist S Jithesh and Cow farmer B P Prakash  were honoured in the meet.Balagokulam members who secured high marks in SSLC and Plus 2 were felicitated in the function.

Courtesy: Haindava Keralam.

Posted on: 7th Sept. 2010.


President's Award for  Smt. Leelamma    

             - By, Sri. Jacob Thomas,

                      Smt. Leelaamma Kochamma, (wife of Rev. Johnson P. Mathew who served St. Peter's M.T. Church, Teaneck, NJ, USA during 1990-93) recently retired as Principal of a Sabha Higher Sec School,  received the President's Award for 'Best Teachers' on 3 Sept 2010 at New Delhi. 

                       Kochamma is one out of seven such recipients from Kerala State.

Marthoma Vishesham congratulates Smt. Leelaamma Kochamma on this occasion. May God honor Kochamma's work.    

Posted on: 7th Sep. 2010.


Marthoma Metropolitan visiting Kuwait

                - By Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,

His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan (Marthoma XXI)

                           Our Metropolitan His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan will be visiting Kuwait from 3rd September to 6th September 2010.

                          God willing,  Thirumeni will conduct the Holy Communion service on 5th September 2010, Sunday at 5 Pm at St. Paul's Church, Ahmadi.

Posted on : 2nd Sept. 2010.      

Dubai Marthoma Parish bags Marthoma Special Award
  - By Sri. Abijith Parayil,

                          ' Mar Thoma Special Award' of Kunnamkulam-Malabar Diocese for the financial year 2009-10 was bagged by  Mar Thoma Parish, Dubai. It was received by the Assembly Members from the Diocesan Episcopa Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa, in appreciation of their wholehearted monetary support and contribution of highest number of subscribers to the "Bhadrasana Prakasham" .

From left: Mr. Thomas K. Varghese, Mr. Abraham Thomas, Mrs. Annie Abraham, Rt. Rev. Isaac Mar Philexinous, Mr. Titus Pulooran, Mr. Shanthan Thomas, Rev. P.T.Thomas

Posted on: 1st Sept. 2010.


St. Marks Marthoma Parish, Tampa bags Best Parish Award

           - By Rev. T. Johnson,      

                     The best parish of the North America and Europe Diocese has been given to the Vicar Rev.T.Johnson, Vicar,  St.Mark Marthoma Parish, Tampa, Florida during the Family Conf, held at Dallas, USA on 4th July, 2010 by the Diocesan Episcopa Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosius Episcopa. 
                     One more Award has been given to the Orlando Congregation for Max percentage of subscribers for "The Messenger" during the Family Conference, held at Dallas, USA.  Both awards were the reflection and appreciation towards the joint effort of the Vicar and its members and also a recognition for showing excellence in all fields. 
                   Few glimpses of this event can be seen by clicking the below link:
Marthoma Vishesham conveys it's Heartiest Congratulations to Achen and Family, Kaisthana Samithi and every single family member of the Parish.
 Posted on: 28th August, 2010.


Marthoma Church gets it's flag after 175 years

         - By Sri. Abhijith Parayil,

                     The detailed News which appeared in Malayala Manorama is given below. Also ,a photo of this event can be seen.

Manorama News:


His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan waving the new flag and is flanked by Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa  (left) and Rt. Rev.  Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa (right) and priests of Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church


Posted on: 26th August, 2010.


175th Anniversary of Renewal in the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church

               - By Sri. N.M. Mathew,     

         Mar Thoma Church began the 175th anniversary celebrations with Holy Communion at 8 am on Sunday August 15, 2010, at Maramon Marthoma Church, where Palakuunathu Abraham Malpan on August 15th, 1836, (1102 Chingam 1) celebrated the Holy Communion in Malayalam. The Celebrant was Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan assisted by Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa and Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa.


          “Reformation is an ongoing process,” reminded Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan while inaugurating an year long celebration at the St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Kozhencherry in the afternoon.  Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan presided. 


 From Left to Right: Most Rev. Thomas Samuel, Most Rev. Cyril Mar Baselius Metropolitan, Moron Mar Baselius Cleemis Catholicos, Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Valia Metropolitan, Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, Moron Mar Baselius Thomas I Catholicos, Mar Aprem Metropolitan, Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus Suffragan Metropolitan.

          The guest speakers included Moran Mar Baselius Thomas I Catholicos  (Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church); Moran Mar Baselius Cleemis Catholicos (Syro-Malankara Catholic Church); Most Rev. Cyril Mar Baselius Metropolitan (Malabar Independent Syrian Church); Most Rev. Thomas Samuel (Church of South India); Mar Aprem Metropolitan ( Chaldean Syrian Church); Mrs. Dr. Usha Titus, IAS.

Posted on: 18th August, 2010.


Joseph Mar Thoma- The loving touch to Church and society at large :Oommen Chandy 

- By Sri. Abijith Parayil,

                           (This is a Dubai Marthoma Parish Press Release)

                Sri. Oommen Chandy, Opposition Leader ,Kerala Legislative Assembly and Former Chief Minister of Kerala opined that Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma is the Great Shepherd with a loving and caring  touch to both Church and society at large. He was delivering the key note address on the 80th Birthday celebration of the Metropolitan at Dubai Marthoma Parish's felicitation ceremony.  

                 Sri. Chandy commented  that through Thirumeni's attitude which overcomes the challenges of age and health and also the creative style which envies the youth, makes us  think that His Eminence is only 50 years young and not 80. This comment filled the whole space with applause. The stand which Thirumeni used to take at the times of crisis and problems attracted people of all denominations to him. His Project "Snehakaram", which tends the sick and needy to make way for his Birthday celebrations is highly appreciable. These kindhearted Birthday celebrations justifies His Eminence's deeds to the society and the fellow human beings. 

                 In His Grace's reply, Thirumeni underlined the advising words of his predecessor Late Dr. Juhanon Mar Thoma Metropolitan -"To taste God Almighty in the situations which are perturbed by the storm and the winds,  trusting that He is The Only Good God and by knowing that take each step forward  in life", had always played an impact  in His Eminence's life.'I have never contested in any elections,  never got into any positions with canvassed votes, all projects which were steered were runaway success, all because of  the blessings of  God Almighty alone' remembers the Metropolitan.

                  Thirumeni also recalls taking the leadership of  many organisations  at the times of  crisis;   KCC (Kerala Council of Churches), NCC (National Council of Churches), CASA (Church's Auxiliary for Social Action), Mar Thoma Yuvajanasakhyam,etc., are only a few  to say. Thirumeni proudly declares how God's Grace was sufficient in dealing with times of crisis,mostly financially in the  organizations, citing as examples. With much pride Thirumeni  wants to share how  the task of handling a project like getting  the songs of the Great Maramon Convention was made into Audio cassettes under his leadership, underlines the oppositions he had undergone to get these into a reality and now it is one of the  main source of revenue to the Church. Also, Thirumeni admits that he had to face criticisms and hardships in his life but  is happy to the fact that under the faithful shadow of the Almighty he  withstood strongly.

                 Recollecting the  lines of felicitation  letter, by the then Late Catholicose of the East, on Thirumeni becoming an Episcopa  goes as follows- " let me  express the happiness on your becoming an Episcopa of the Church and also express my hearty Sympathies to you" , Metropolitan said that on each and every step he had taken these words were echoing in  him which made the  crowded gathering  bursting into laughter.

                The gathering was presided by the UAE vicar Rev. V Kunjukoshy, Asst. Vicar Rev.Thomas Mathew, Student Chaplain Rev. Zachariah Alexander, Rev. Saju Papachen,  Edavaka Secretary Sri. Sajan Veloor, Trustee Sri. K Y Thomas, Sri. Yohannan Baby, Sri. K A Varghese,  also felicitated Thirumeni.

                 Adv. Varghese Mammen, Sri. Varghese  Mangat, Sri. Victor T Thomas, also were present.


Posted on: 12th August 2010.


People bids adieu to Media Doyen Sri. K.M. Mathew

         - By Sri. Sunny Plachira,

               KM Mathew, Kerala’s leading media industrialist and chief editor of the widest circulated Malayalam newspaper, Malayala Manorama, passed away at his residence at Kanjikkuzhy, Kottayam at 6.00 am Sunday. He was 93.

Late Sri. K.M. Mathew

            The funeral took place at the famed Puthenpally Church cemetery at Kottayam on Monday evening. Sri. Mathew is survived by sons Sri. Mammen Mathew, editor, Malayala Manorama, Sri. Philip Mathew, managing editor and Sri. Jacob Mathew, executive editor, and daughter Smt. Thankam. His wife Smt. Annamma, known widely as Mrs. KM Mathew, had passed away in 2003.

Late Sri. K. M. Mathew's funeral

             Sri. Mathew was born in Alappuzha in 1917 as son of Sri. KC Mammen Mappila of the famous Kandathil family, and Smt. Kunjandamma. After taking his BA degree in economics from Madras Christian College, he joined the family concern, the Malayala Manorama group.

              He became the managing editor of the Malayala Manorama group of publications, Kottayam in 1954 and was appointed editor in 1973. Under Mathew’s leadership, the group scaled new heights of growth with the circulation of the group’s flagship publication, Malayala Manorama newspaper, crossing a reported 1.5 million copies a day.

              Those who knew
Sri. Mathew closely say that his prime passion was media business and he was always careful to ensure prime place for Malayala Manorama newspaper that his grandfather Kandathil Varghese Mappila founded in 1888. Sri. Mathew was respected also as the greatest integrator of media business in Kerala. He always ensured that the Malayala Manorama group was the first in Kerala to acquire the best and most advanced technology.

              His leadership also helped Malayalam Manorama enter the visual media field with a 24-hour news channel, Manorama News, and an FM radio channel, Radio Mango. He also started a journalism institute in Kottayam, Manorama School of Communication (Mascom).

Sri. Mathew had served as chairman of the Press Trust of India, Indian Newspaper Society, Audit Bureau of Circulations, Press Institute of India and Research Institute for Newspaper Development and was the founder trustee of the Press Institute of India.

                 Considering his contributions to the media world and the society, the Government honored him by conferring the Padma Bhushan in 1998. In 1991, he was given the Foundation of Freedom of Information Award and in 1992 the National Citizens Award. He was also presented with the BD Goenka Award in 1996 and the Press Academy Award in 1997.

Sri. Mathew was almost always the face of Kerala in international media conferences. He is said to be responsible for the healthy competition in the field of Malayalam media which led to its stunning growth in terms of numbers, turnover and repute. Sri. MP Veerendrakumar, the managing editor of Mathrubhumi daily, the closest competitor of Malayala Manorama, remembered Sri. Mathew as the doyen of Malayalam media industry.


                 Sri. Mathew was also a member of the Managing Committee pf the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and a permanent invitee to all the Association meetings. He was faithful and loyal to his church and contributed to the Church's growth in whatever ways he could. 

                  President Smt. Pratibha Patil, Prime Minister Sri. Manmohan Singh, UPA chairperson Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Kerala Chief Minister Sri. VS Achuthanandan were some of the renowned leaders who expressed grief at Mathew’s death. The Prime Minister and Sonia Gandhi called the family members on phone to convey their condolences.

                   Kerala Governor
Sri. RS Gavai, Defence Minister Sri. AK Antony, Information and Broadcasting Minister Smt. Ambika Soni, CPI(M) general secretary Sri. Prakash Karat, State secretary Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala Opposition leader Sri. Oommen Chandy, State Congress chief Sri. Ramesh Chennithala, veteran leader Sri. K Karunakaran and other dignitaries also expressed grief at the death of Sri. Mathew. 

                       Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius expressed sincere condolences to the family on behalf of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church.


Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius at Late Sri. K.M. Mathew's residence

 Marthoma Vishesham pays it's tribute to the Great Media Stalwart. May his soul rest in peace. May God give great strength to his family to overcome the sudden vaccum.

Posted on: 2nd August, 2010.


Mysore Marthoma Youth Retreat concludes

  - By, Smt. Somy Elizabeth Sam,

                  The 3 day Youth Retreat from 16th to 18th July, 2010 of Mysore Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam concluded. 

                 Please click on the following link to view the report:               

 Posted on: 29th July, 2010.


Marthoma Camp Center inaugurated at Lonawala

         - By  Sri. Sunny Plachira,

                     Marthoma Camp Center was inaugurated at Lonawala on 11th April 2010, Sunday.

                     This project is under the Diocese of Mumbai.There are 200 beds available. There is separate accommodation facility for girls & boys. This Center also includes a Conference hall and a Mess hall.
                      The camp center is named as MAR CHRYSOSTOM ASRAMAM.

                      His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan inaugurated it. Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose Episcopa (Bishop of Mumbai -Delhi Diocese was present. 

                      Few of the pictures of this event:


Posted on: 26th July, 2010.


"Viswasthan" Album released

           - By, Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,

                       An Album named "Viswasthan" was released in Dubai recently. Sri. Shibu Mathew, a member of Dubai Marthoma Parish is the person who gave music to the Lyrics. 

                 Many eminent singers have lent their voice for this Album.

    This Album ' Viswasthan' was written and composed by Sri. Shibu Mathew. He was born and brought up in Dubai, studied Malayalam for few years in School which helped him to write all the songs in Malayalam. Now he is currently working in Dubai as a Software Engineer.  He is very active in the Dubai Mar Thoma Youth Fellowship and is currently serving as the Choir Master of the Youth Fellowship.

              Singers: M.G. SreeKumar, Sujatha, Biju Narayanan, Manjari, Kester, Markose, Gayathri, Renjini Jose, Binoy & Sherin Ann Mathew
Audio marketing : East Coast Audios

                This Album was released in the Gulf on July 2nd, Friday 2010 at the Dubai Mar Thoma Church by  Rev V.Kunju Koshy
(Vicar,Dubai Mar Thoma Church) and this event was also blessed by the presence of, Rev. Thomas Mathew(Asst. Vicar), Rev Zachariah Alexander (U.A.E Youth Chaplain), Mr.Sajan Veloor and members of the Dubai Mar Thoma Church.

                 Greetunes for all songs are available on Etisalat(U.A.E) and also for all leading Mobile providers in India.Check  for Caller tune details

                 CDs are available in all leading Audio Stores in U.A.E & India.

                 To know more about this great person and his album ,please click on the following links:

About the Album release:



About Sri. Shibu Mathew:

Marthoma Vishesham is proud to see the achievements and wishes Sri. Shibu Mathew ALL THE VERY BEST in future endeavors.

Posted on: 20th July, 2010. 


TABS & TRICKS -Guitar workshop at the Marthoma Youth Centre, Bangalore

    - By Rev. Thomas John ,Student's Chaplain , Bangalore

                 A workshop for guitar enthusiasts was held on July 10th, 2010, Saturday at the Mar Thoma Youth Centre, Bangalore.

                 Titled "Tabs and Tricks", this event brought together several amateur guitarists from different Mar Thoma parishes in Bangalore to share ideas on different tips and tricks, lead and strumming styles on electric and acoustic guitars, jam sessions, etc.

                  Mr. Subin Mathews was the resource person for the workshop. Rev. Thomas John coordinated the event.

Reader's  Note: Please wait patiently for  the picture to load



Guitarists sharing their knowledge

 Posted on: 16th July, 2010.


Women Bishops should be allowed: General Synod of the Church of England

  - By Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,            

Church of England bishop

                     The Church of England's ruling body has decided that women bishops should be allowed, but there are further steps to take before they can be ordained. The General Synod has given minimal concessions to traditionalist Anglicans who opposed the move.  They had sought to be in the care of a male alternative bishop on terms acceptable to them.

                     But the synod decided women bishops should be able to decide the identity and functions of any such bishop. The BBC's religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott said women bishops would have only to consult a code of practice guiding them in their dealings with traditionalists. He said the decision made during a synod meeting at York University had left a lot of division in its wake.

Draft law

                       Members of the synod decided there was no need for further delay to the progress of a draft law allowing women to be made bishops. The law must now receive approval from a majority of the Church's 44 diocesan synods, before returning to the General Synod. It must then receive a two-thirds majority at the General Synod before receiving parliamentary approval and the Royal Assent.

                     Our correspondent said it had been an "extraordinary weekend of intense emotion" and although supporters were celebrating a breakthrough, some traditionalists had left the synod chamber in tears.

Dr Rowan Williams and Dr John Sentamu
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and Archbishop of York, John Sentamu,
The Archbishops of Canterbury and York backed a failed compromise plan

                     Proposals to create a class of male-only bishops to oversee traditionalist parishes were rejected on Saturday. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, and Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, had put their personal prestige behind the compromise plan, which would have allowed parishes unwilling to serve under a woman bishop to call upon the oversight of a male alternative. It would also have given that alternative bishop considerable legally-backed independence and autonomy as part of a "joint jurisdiction" over those parishes. Although the proposal gained a majority of votes in the synod as a whole, it failed because clergy - who vote separately from lay people and bishops - defeated it by just five votes.

                       Our correspondent said Dr Williams had put his reputation on the line with the compromise plan and would now be in a difficult position as he tried to deal with discontent traditionalists who would probably stay in the church.

                       The proposals will now go out to dioceses and return to the synod in a year's time when there will be a final vote.

'Hard decisions'

                       Campaigner Christina Rees, a member of the General Synod and chairwoman of Women in the Church, told the Press Association the synod's decision on Monday was "a wonderful outcome". She said: "This is wonderful news. It is entirely consistent with what synod indicated it wanted two years ago. "In one sense I am not surprised but I am delighted, it is very, very good news."

                        But traditionalists have warned that the decision could result in many of them leaving the Church of England. The Reverend Prebendary David Houlding, a leading member of the Catholic Group on the General Synod, said he was concerned and he felt as if traditionalists were running out of options. He told PA: "There are several people who will be making hard decisions about their future. "I am staying in the Church of England for the time being until I am driven out. I am not going willingly, I will only go if forced. "The more this goes on in this manner, the more it seems as if the door is shutting. "The scope for remaining in the Church of England is getting more and more narrow and the options are rapidly closing."

Marthoma Church is in full communion with the Church of England. What is your take on this issue. To vioce your concern ,do write in to our forum

please click on the following link:  Forums

Please Note: You will have to be a member before you write comments in this Forum.  Please click here to become a Member and be a Part of Us.

Posted on: 15th July, 2010

Source: BBC World


' They are not dedicated to Marthoma Church': Rev. T.S. Philip

   - Forwarded by Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,                                                                                  

Erosion of faith

Young Malayalis, belonging to the Mar Thoma church in America, do not have the same commitment as their elders

                     -  By Shevlin Sebastian

              Rev. T.S. Philip, the parish priest of the Mar Thoma Syrian Christian church at Palarivattom, is slowly getting used to life in Kochi, after a three-year assignment in 
Houston, Texas. But he reflects often upon the 
                            Rev. T. S. Philip                          myriad experiences he had in the United States of America.                        

                   “The big struggle for parents in America is to inculcate the Malayali culture among their children,” he says. “These children are Americans first, and Malayalis second. They don’t have much of a link to their roots. On the other hand, the American customs and culture have had a big impact on them. Parents find it difficult to accept this.”

                    There are three distinct groups in American parishes. “There is the older generation who want to strongly keep up the Indian culture,” he says. There are the youngsters who grew up in India, moved to the US, and are now sandwiched between American and Malayali culture. And finally, there are the Malayalis who are born and brought up there. “I have tried to carry all three groups together,” he says.

                      In America, the Mar Thoma church has about 65 parishes and in each parish there are about 300 families. Most of the families are well-to-do. The men work as engineers, doctors, IT professionals, businessman, chartered accountants, and journalists. The wives, for the most part, hold nursing jobs.

                     But the priest has observed that for most of the parishioners, going to church is more like a social gathering, rather than one of faith and spirituality. “I have felt disappointed by this attitude,” says Rev. Philip.

                    He has also felt disappointed by the widespread drinking of alcohol. “We are against the consumption of liquor,” he says. “But in America, all hotels have bars. Alcohol is always served during marriage functions.” The priest remembers that, once, when he had to attend a marriage reception of a community member, to gain entry, he had to go through the bar.

                   “Drinking is part of their culture,” says Rev. Philip. “But they are very careful about how they behave. If somebody makes a nuisance of himself, the police will be called immediately.” Even in the house, you cannot make so much of noise that it disturbs the neighbours.

                   “This is in stark contrast to the situation in Kerala,” says Rev. Philip. “People often get drunk and behave in an obnoxious manner.”

                    However, what is of growing concern to the priest is the attitude of the young Malayali-Americans. “They believe in God, but are willing to go to a church belonging to any other denomination,” he says. “They are not dedicated to the Mar Thoma church.”

                    Another problem is that more members are marrying non-Malayali Americans. As a result, they are leaving the Mar Thoma church and joining the denominations belonging to their spouses.

                    This decline of membership may affect the future of the Mar Thoma church in America. “As it is we are a small community, and if the second generation stays away it will be difficult for the church to survive,” says Rev. Philip. “The parents also feel upset. They want their children to stay within the community. But the culture in America is different. There is a lot of freedom for children to make their own decisions.”

                   When Rev. Philip asked the young Malayali-Americans about the reasons behind their aloofness, they complained about the church politics practiced by the elders. “They are not interested in that,” says Rev. Philip. “I admire them for their sincerity and straight-forward attitude.”

                    Meanwhile, the priest says that despite all the problems of living in Kerala, the faith is very strong in the state, even among the youth. “I am very happy about that,” says Rev. Philip. “The future of the Mar Thoma church lies in India, and not in America.”

                     Asked whether he missed America, Rev. Philip says, “I miss the smooth roads, the orderly queues, and the discipline shown in public life,” he says. “But my soul belongs to India. So I am happy to be back among my people.”

Marthoma Vishesham: This is a startling thing. The Church must take precautionary measure. This erosion of faith is like the soil erosion that takes place in nature. What do we do?. We plant trees to stop this. It is the same way, Church must plant new policies to stop this erosion of our Faith. 

                                               As a small step or contribution from our Side (lay people), we must re- vitalize  organizations such as Yuvajana Sakhyam, Sevika Sangham, Edavaka Mission, Young Couples Fellowship etc.,. Most of these are found to be defunct. It is time that we turned our Focus to this nightmare which is surrounding us.

To post your comments or views, please click on the following link:  Forums

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Source: The New Indian Express, Kerala

Posted on:  July 8th, 2010.


Our beloved Bency is no more

         - By Reporter,

 KOLLAM - Fifteen-year-old Bency, one of the two HIV positive children who fought a gritty battle against schools in Kerala for ostracising them, is no more. Her funeral is likely to be held Saturday, her grandmother said Friday.

                        Bency was admitted to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College hospital last week after her condition deteriorated and her weight had dropped to as low as 16 kg. The teenager died Thursday.

                        “Bency’s funeral will take place as and when her uncle and family come from Mumbai. The uncle is arriving today (Friday) and his wife will come tomorrow…so in all likelihood it would take place tomorrow (Saturday, 8th May, 2010) at the Kaithakuzhi Mar Thoma Church,” her grandmother Sallamma told IANS.

                         Bency and her younger brother Benson were infected by their parents, who died a few years ago. They were looked after by their 56-year-old grandmother, who gets a widow’s pension of Rs.3,000 a month.

                         The HIV positive siblings got a lot of media attention when, led by their grandfather, they barged into the state secretariat seeking then chief minister A.K. Antony’s intervention to stop schools from turning them away.

Bency and Benson with their grandfather together with H.E A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Former Presdent of India

                          In 2004, after two years of struggle, they were re-admitted to the government-run school near their home at Chathanur in Kollam district, about 50 km from Thiruvananthapuram.

                          Their grandfather died in 2005, their father died in the year 1997 and mother in the year 2000.

                          Sallamma says it is 13-year-old Benson who comforts her.

                          “When I cry, he tells me not to cry because he can feel Munna (Bency) is lying in the bed next to his. He comforts me by saying that, if I cry, then how he can bear the loss of his Munna,” Sallamma said with tears in her eyes.

Sushma Swaraj(Former Health minister) with Benson and Bency

                            Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) leader Sushma Swaraj, while she was health minister, had hugged and kissed them in public, sending a strong message to society that children like them should be loved and not shunned.

                            Soon after, HLL Lifecare Ltd provided them monthly financial assistance for food and travelling to school. While Benson has just passed his Class 7 exam, Sallamma is happy that Bency could clear Class 9 before her death.

                             The grandmother now wants that Bency’s body be kept for some time at the Kollam District Hospital for people to pay their last respects.

                             “Then the body should be kept at our village council and then brought home before being taken to church for the last rites,” Sallamma said.

Source : IANS

Posted on: 7th May, 2010.

Reader's Please Note: Marthoma Vishesham expresses it's profound grief on the sudden demise of Bency. We have lost a brave daughter of our Church. Bency struggled not only against AIDS but also the discrimination that her school metted out. She fought with great boldnes till the end. She is an example for us all. 

                                 Bency mol appeared in many media channels. Many channels reported the deteriorating health yesterday (May 6th, 2010, Thursday). The illness got worse and she left for her heavenly abode today (Friday, May 7th, 2010). 

                                 Rev. K.Y. Jacob (Present Parish priest of Kuttapuzha Marthoma Parish) took leadership to bring them into the notice of the people about their plight. Achen conducted many awareness campaigns stating that discrimination against AIDS people must be banned when Achen was the Parish priest over there.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosious with Bency and Benson

                                 Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Theodosious (Bishop of North- America Diocese) visited them few years back and made arrangements to pay their auto fees to ferry them to school. 

                                 May the soul of Bency rest in peace. 

With Lamentations and Prayers,

Web Master. 


Kuwait Mar Thoma Parish bids farewell to Assistant Vicar

      - By Sri. Punnoose Anchery, Kuwait Marthoma Parish , Former Edavaka Secretary

         Kuwait Mar Thoma Parish bid farewell to Assistant Vicar Rev. Raju Thomas and Family on 24th Friday morning after Holy communion service at National Evangelical Church Kuwait.


        After sincere service of three years, Raju Thomas Achen and Family are leaving Kuwait, on 28th April, 2010 to Delhi Dawraka St. James Mar Thoma Parish. Achen has given eminent & dynamic leadership among the Parish members.

Farewell meeting


           The meeting was presided by Vicar Rev. Thomas Varghese, Welcome speech done by Sri. G. Punnoose Anchery  (Secretary 2009-10), Felicitation speech done by Asst. vicar Rev. Genil Abraham, Sri. M.K.Pothen (Vice President 2009-10), Adv. John Thomas P (Vice President 2010-11), Purse given by Sri. Shaji Simon (Trustee)  and Momento by Sri. Alex Lukose (Accountant), Vote of thanks done by Sri. Mathew Varghese (Secretary 2010-11).

Posted on: 6th May, 2010.


Sri. N.A. Abraham elected to Managing Committee of Sunday School Samajam

          - By Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,

                           Sri. N. A. Abraham, Headmaster of the Dubai Mar Thoma Sunday School (Jebel Ali) has been nominated to the Mar Thoma Sunday School Samajam  (MTSS) Managing Committee at Tiruvilla to represent the Mar Thoma Sunday Schools out-side India.

                           We congratulate Sri. Abraham on his new assignment and responsibilities.

                           A long and cherished dream of having representation from outside India in the Managing Committee of MTSS has been fulfilled through this nomination. This nomination is for a period of three years and we wish him all support and prayers in this endeavour.


Sri. N. A. Abraham 

                            Sri.N.A Abraham (s/o Late Mr. N. V. Abraham Anchery Niravathu, Pariyaram, Kottayam –Anchery Christos Mar Thoma Church ) and wife Mrs. Annie Abraham (Susan) have been faithful and committed teachers of the Mar Thoma Sunday School in Dubai for more than two decades. They have two children Dr. Vineeth Abaraham Anchery and Chris Susan Abraham (Medical student).

                            You can contact Sri.N.A Abraham at the following numbers:

Tel: +971 -50 - 4582039 (M)

      +971 - 4 - 3394094 (H)

                           Or you can send mail:


Posted on: 23rd Mar. 2010.


Kuwait Edavaka Mega Kudumba Sangamam- 2010

- By Sri. George Punnoose (Edavaka Secretary, Kuwait Marthoma Syrian Church)

                                Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar, Kuwait Parish organized its grand “Kudumba Sangamam – 2010” on 27th Feb, 2010.

                                Shri. K. C. Joseph MLA officially inaugurated the function by lighting the lamp. Rev. Immanuel Garib, M. Murali MLA, VD Satheeshan MLA, KPCC secretary E. M Augusty, Mr. Pancly Varkey, Country head of the UAE Exchange, Asst Vicar Rev. Raju Thomas, Rev. Genil Abraham, Rev K. G. Koshy, Rev. P. O. Philip, Fr. Abraham P George, Indian orthodox Ahamadi, and Mr.Babu Varghese felicitated the function.

                                General Convener Shri M. K. Pothen welcomed the gathering. Parish Secretary & Coordinator Shri G. Punnoose Anchery thanked the audience.

                                 Numerous colorful cultural programmes mark the “Kudumba Sangamam – 2010” which is held at the National Evangelical Church of Kuwait (NECK) premises from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

                                 Main attraction this year was the inimitable Christian music treat being presented by the orchestra led by Star Musician Jolly Abraham. Various cultural programmes, competitions (Baby show, fancy dress, drawing / painting etc), Exhibition stalls, tantalizing presentations of multi cuisine home made food items from different parish members, etc. added to the grace of this celebration.

                                 Please click on the following link to view the colourful pics :

                                      Kuwait Marthoma Church News

Posted on: 18th Mar., 2010.


Updates of Mandalam Election

            - By Sri. George Kurian,

                   There were 25 nominations from 14 lay people and 8 clergy (The rest 3 is for The Marthoma Metropolitan, Suffargan Metropolitan and Sabha Secretary exclusively)  for 8 positions in the Episcopal Election Board, finally the election took place on 12th Feb., 2010 and the processing was completed around 7.30 pm that day.

                  Only one person was elected from outside kerala ,that is Dr.Lincon .He is from USA (orginally from Mavelikara). The rest of them are from Kerala.
Re- Posted on:2nd Mar., 2010.


Special stamp to honor 200 years of Bible Society

            - By Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,

              The Indian government  published a special stamp to honor 200 years of the Bible Society of India (BSI) on 21 Feb 2010. 

              Stamp release: A first-day cover and commemorative postage stamp of Rs 5 were released by Governor Sri. M.K. Narayanan at the bicentenary celebrations of the Bible Society of India on Sunday at St Paul’s Cathedral, Calcutta.

               Below can be seen the series of newly released stamps. Each stamp costs Rs. 5.00.



                            BSI to publish updated Sanskrit Bible

                                The Bible Society of India will bring out an updated edition of the holy book''s Sanskrit version as part of its year-long bi-centennial celebrations beginning tomorrow. "The Sanskrit Bible is being updated.

                           We have also appointed a translator. Work for the updated translation will begin soon.

                           We hope it will help more people understand the Holy Word," BSI general secretary B K Pramanik told PTI. The Bible Society of India (BSI) is a Christian body that is authorised to translate, produce, distribute and market the Holy Bible. The BSI, created from the British and Foreign Bible Society, has already made the Bible available in 203 Indian languages and is currently engaged in translating it in another 102 languages of the country.

                             He said there was a demand for translation of the Bible in 24 Naga dialects, in addition to the 18 in which the book has already been published. "For BSI, translating the Holy Bible into the languages of our people has always been a priority.

                             We are committed to maintaining the quality of translations and to see that the scripture is understood irrespective of creed, clan and race," Pramanik said. Claiming that BSI was the single largest publisher after the Government of India, he said besides translating and publishing the Bible for neo-literates, it also distributes audio products for visually challenged people.


                        A small History on the Bible Society of India


21 February, 1811: The beginning of the Bible Society work in India. The History of the Calcutta Auxiliary of Bible Society coincides with the history of the Bible Society of India in its beginning. It was established on 21st Feb 1811. In later years, in post independence era, the Calcutta Auxiliary became one of the auxiliaries to function within the jurisdiction of the operation of the Bible Society of India. Significantly the Auxiliary still functions from the same old stately building on Jawaharlal Nehru Road (Chowringhee Road) in Calcutta, as it had done 200 years ago.

Posted on: 27th Feb., 2010.


Mumbai Diocesan Convention

         - By Sri. Sunny Plachira Ikarameparathu

                                       Mumbai Bhadrasana (Diocesan) Convention was held from 29th Jan. to 31st Jan. 2010.

                                       It commenced at Mumbai Center at Malad. The next day at Kalyan Center at Dombivali & on the third day at Navi Mumbai Center at Mulund parishes and on 31st Jan. 2010, the final day at Kalyan with all the 3 centers.
                                       His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose Thirumeni conducted the Holy Qurbana, Senior Vicar General Very Rev. George Zachriah. P was the Main Speaker.
                                       All the Achens of all the Centers attended all the Meeetings.

                                       The Meeting was a Blessing to all the Faithfuls who attended.                  

Few Snaps of this Event can be seen below:

Posted on: 3rd February, 2010.                                


Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church gave land free of cost

      - By, Sri. Reji Eapen,

                               The Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church gave land pertaining to that of Kottayam Marthoma Seminary to the Government of Kerala for road widening ,free of cost. To read more, please click on the link given below:   News

Courtesy: Malayala Manorama 

Posted on: 31st Jan, 2010.


Bible Society- Gulf Region gets a New Treasur

         - By Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,

                      The Bible Soceity of Gulf Region got a new Treasurer. Sri. Georgie Alexander was elected to this post. 

                  This position was adorned by Adv. John Joseph Nalloor earlier.

                  Sri. Georgie Alexander is the son of Former Vicar General and Former Sabha Secretary Very Rev. C.G. Alexander Cherukara.

                  For more news ,please go through the below given Malayala Manorama News Report:

                      Please pray for Sri. Georgie Alexander as he assumes a New Position. Marthoma Vishesham wishes that Sri. Georgie Alexander will make all efforts to Brighten the Word of God more and more during his tenure as a Treasurer and will bring good name to our Church as well.

Posted on: 20th Jan., 2010.


Two consecrated as bishops of Chaldean Church of the East

   -By Reporter,

                 Catholicos Patriarch of the Chaldean Church of the East ,also known as Assyrian Church of the East Moran Mar Dinkha IV on Sunday consecrated Mar Yohannan Joseph and Mar Augin Kuriakose as new bishops of the Church.


  Catholicos Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East Moran Mar Dinkha IV flanked by Mar Yohannan Joseph (left) and Mar Augin Kuriakose (right)            

                 The Episcopal ordination was held at the special venue arranged at Chaldean Syrian Higher Secondary School ground. The Holy Synod of the Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East on Thursday unanimously decided to consecrate Rev. Fr. Joju Anto, 43, and Rev. Fr. Shaju Paulose, 35, as bishops with the Archdiocese of India. Both were appointed as Archdeacons at a ceremony on Friday. Along with Moran Mar Dinkha IV, Metropolitans Mar Aprem (India) and Mar Geevargis Sliwa (Iraq, Russia), Mar Meelis Zaia (Australia and Newzealand), and Bishops Mar Awa Royel (Diocese of California), Mar Odisho Oraham ( Diocese of Europe), Mar Aprem Natneil (Diocese-Syria) , Mar Aprim Khamis (Diocese of the United States), Mar Emmanuel Yosip (Diocese of Canada) and Iskhaq Yosip (Diocese of Nohadra and Russia) were attending the Synod.

                    A public reception was accorded to Moran Mar Dinkha IV and the prelates on Sunday. Union Minister of State K.V. Thomas inaugurated the function. The Catholicos Patriarch called for the unity of the faithful for the development of the Church. In H.B's Presidential address, His Beatitude the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan, Head of the Marthoma Syrian Church, said that the Church should take climate change and global warming as major issues.
His Beatitude Paulose Mar Milithiose, Catholicos Designate of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church; Mar Andrews Thazhath, Archbishop of Syro-Malabar Church; His Grace Mathews Mor Aprem, Metropolitan of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church and K.P. Kuruvila, Bishop of CSI North Kerala Diocese; attended the function.

                   The relation between the Chaldean Syrian Church of the East and the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church has been going strong for years. The Local Head of  Chaldean Syrian Church of the East, Mar Aphrem Metropolitan has been our Guest several times for the World famed Maramon Convention and other important Church functions as well.

              Please click on this link for the snaps of this event:

Photo Courtesy : Malankara Orthodox TV 


Christmas celebrations at Malaysia

        -By Reporter,

                 Christians held open houses Friday to celebrate Christmas, carrying on the Malaysian tradition of sharing festive occasions with family and friends.

                 In the federal capital, thousands of followers of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church packed the St Thomas Parish in Jalan Ipoh here to celebrate Christmas with a special guest.

                 They were joined by the Supreme Head of the Church, His Beatitude The Most Reverend Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, for the morning service and H.B. was later presented the Asia Pacific Brand Laureate award, the first religious leader to receive the recognition.

                 Metropolitan received the award from Tan Sri Dr M. Mahadevan, governor of the Asia Pacific Brand Laureate Foundation.

                 Asked about H.B's Christmas wish, Metropolitan urged the international community, especially leaders, to seriously come up with concrete and effective plans to address climate change and environmental issues.

               "It is high time they started to do something concrete and effective to address the climatic change and environment issues facing the world to prevent catastrophes in future," H.B. told Bernama (News Site) after receiving the award.

               He said he was also impressed with Malaysia's commitment at the Copenhagen climate change summit to reduce the green gas emission by 40 per cent by 2020.

               As much of the environmental destruction could not be undone, world leaders, especially, should commit to minimising the adversity, Metropolitan said, urging Mar Thoma Church parishners worldwide to start taking environmental issues more seriously and play a role to protect the earth for future generations.

               Asia-Pacific Brand Laureate chief executive officer Dr K.K. Johan said H.B. the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma was chosen as the recipient for H.B's advocacy in peace and unity.

               "His Grace is a very influential and respectable personality even outside the spectrum of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church. This occasion is made more significant in the spirit of Christmas today," he said.

               The MalankaraMar Thomas Syrian Church is a following that began in Kerala in India with 10 million followers and 2,000 parishers worldwide and the head of the church is referred to as "Mar Thoma".

 Posted on: 9th Jan., 2010.


Anwar Ibrahim: "The ISA must be abolished"

     - By Reporter,

                   Here is a Video recorded on 25/12/2009 during Christmas Open House by Christian Federation Of Malaysia (CFM) at St Thomas Mar Thoma Syrian Church.

                   Mr. Anwar Ibrahim is the Opposition Leader in Malaysia.

Posted on: 9th Jan., 2010.


 The Metropolitan conveys festive wishes

   - By Reporter,

                       The supreme head of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church worldwide, His Beatitude the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metroplitan, met Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon on Monday to convey greetings to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his Cabinet members over the Christmas season.

H.B. Most Rev Dr Joseph Mar Thoma meeting Koh at Parliament House.

                     His Beatitude the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Metropolitan, traditionally spends Christmas with his congregation in Kerala, India, where the church is headquartered but made a visit to Malaysia to express the support of the community to the Government and its religious-inclusive policies, including its One Malaysia concept.

                     The meeting with Koh was held at Parliament House during the last day of the sitting of the Dewan Negara.

                     Accompanying the Metropolitan were the Vicar of the Kuala Lumpur Parish Rev Mothy Varkey, accompanying priest Rev. S.C. Pappachan, Church leaders and Church assembly members Datuk V.C. George, Philip Zachariah and Philip Mathews.

         (From left): Philip Mathews, Philip Zachariah, Dato V.C.George, Koh, H.B. the Metropolitan, Rev Pappachan, Rev Mothy Varkey.

                      Koh was told that the Mar Thoma Church recently held its Christmas carol service on the theme of One Malaysia, with specially written-lyrics expressing loyalty and devotion to the nation.

                      Koh welcomed the assurances of the Metropolitan and pledged to continue with his efforts, as minister in charge of national unity, to enhance inter-community goodwill and understanding in the country.

                      The Metropolitan has been a regular visitor to His parishes in Malaysia since 1969.

Posted on: 9th Jan., 2010.


An Eco -friendly Christmas

      - By Reporter,           

                All that is tagged as useless and worthless is still useable-Christmas tree made out of recycled material

               The Christmas tree at the Mar Thoma Church on Primrose Road, named the ‘Peace Tree’is about 30 feet tall and its decorations are all made of waste material.This is probably going to be among the biggest Christmas trees in Bangalore this year, says Roy Varghese, a choir member.The tree took three weeks to complete. Besides discarded material it also has Origami Cranes, a Japanese symbol of long life and good health, as decorations.

               Interestingly, choir members sought help from children with mental disabilities from the Marthoma Opportunity School to help create these unique decoration pieces.An initiative taken by the Mar Thoma Church choir “in solidarity with the ongoing world initiative against climate change in Copenhagen’ , this tree they hope will encourage people to think about recycling and conserving waste material.

               Using this Christmas symbol to convey a relevant message to devotees who visit the church was an idea proposed by the choir’s secretary Daniel Thomas.”The idea behind using discarded material is to convey the message that all that is tagged as useless and worthless is still useable,” said Roy Varghese, a choir member.


Mar Thoma Opportunity School has put up Peace Tree, a 30-foot-tall Christmas tree, near Mar Thoma Church on Primrose Road. Differentlyabled children worked on the tree for a week, using only recycled material. Origami Cranes were used in decorating the tree

 Posted on: 26th December, 2009.


H.G. Dr. Coorilos Mar Geevarghese delivered Easow Mar Themotheos Lecture at Hoskote Mission & Medical Centre, Bangalore

His Grace Dr. Coorilos Mar Geevarghese delivering the Lecture 

                           Metropolitan of Niranam Diocese & Patriarchal Vicar of U.K of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, His Grace Dr. Coorilos Mar Geevarghese delivered Late Lamented Blessed Memory of His Grace Rt. Rev. Easow Mar Themotheos Episcopa Memorial Lecture at Hoskote Mission and Medical Centre here on November 24th, 2009.

                           Late Lamented Blessed Memory of His Grace Rt. Rev. Easow Mar Themotheos was an Episcopa of the Mar Thoma Church from 1975 to 1988. H.G's missionary work before becoming a bishop was based on identifying himself with the economically backward people.

                          Hoskote Mission was found in the year 1947, when India became independent. Started as a small prayer fellowship , it has grown up into one of the well established mission of the Malankara Mar Thoma  Syrian Church.

More Photos of this event can be viewed by clicking the link given below:

 Posted on: 20th December, 2009.

News and Photo Courtesy: Malankara Syriac Voice


Clergy Conference- 2009

           -By Sri. SunnyPlachira

                                 The clergy meeting of 2009 was held at Charalkunnu ,Kuriannoor from 3rd to 5th December, 2009. Birthday celebrations of His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos &  His Grace Rt. Rev.Thomas Mar Thimotheos were also held.

                                 The Conference culminated with Holy Qurbana. All the Bishops from all the Dioceses participated in this Conference.

                                 Few of the Photos of this event can be seen below:


 Posted on: 17th December, 2009.


Take up social causes: H.B. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan

By Reporter,

                  Urging the faithful to practise true faith, Metropolitan H.B. Most Rev. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, said on Saturday that there was a tendency to measure the depth of faith by the income generated at places of worship. Devotion should be a means of social service, he said after dedicating the newly built Sharon Mar Thoma Church at Palarivattom here.

H.B. Most Rev. Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan dedicating the newly-built Sharon Mar Thoma church on Saturday. Bishops H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr Euyakim Mar Coorilos (not in picture), H.G. Rt. Rev.  Dr Isaac Mar Philoxenos were present

                   Nowadays, H.B said, many people try to hide themselves in God when there occur shocking incidents in their life. This is not true faith in God. Real faith lies in recognising the truth, Metropoitan said and called upon the church members to devote themselves for social causes.

                   His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos presided over the meeting. His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos, His Grace Joseph Mar Gregorios of the Jacobite Church, K Babu ,MLA, Dominic Presentation MLA, Brahmasri Damoder Sharma and advocate Mayankutty Mether offered felicitations. Church vicar Rev M O Oommen Jr welcomed the gathering and Varghese John, General Convener, Church construction committee, proposed a vote of thanks.

                   It was in December 2007 that the construction of the church started. The souvenir published in connection with the ceremony was released by His Grace Joseph Mar Gregorios by handing over a copy to K Babu MLA.

                   Members of Power House Residents’ Association, students and staff of Mar Thoma High School, parishioners and well-wishers attended the function. There was a performance by the Mar Thoma High School band. The website of the church was also inaugurated on the occasion.

 Posted on: 17th December, 2009


Condolence to Late Dr. Jacob  Oommen

      - By Sri. Babu Varhgese and Dr. Jacob ,

                         Late Dr. Jacob  Oommen, brother of  H.H. the Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan  was an employee of Kuwait Ministry of Kuwait before 2 decades. He died on 24th November, 2009 at the age of 89.  

                        The condolence message below is from the present Minister of Health, Kuwait .Isn’t it a great witnessing of a ‘great servant of God’? . Be proud of such great Mar Thomites and learn to follow such people.


                               Other News Reports (in Malayalam dailies):   

                             Please click on the Following links to read them:

                                  News Report 1

                                  News Report 2

                         Marthoma Vishesham extends it's condolence in this hour of grief. May the Bereaved soul Rest in Peace. Sorry for publishing it late.

 Posted on: 17th December, 2009


An incident parallel to the Pune Marthoma Parish

        - By Sri. John Mathew     

                   This is not an isolated case(Pune St. Mary's Garisson Marthoma Parish). The Cantonment Church at Ahmedabad is owned by the St.Luke Presbyterian Church. Unfortunately the church was left with no members of its own with  India getting Independence. It is located  in the cantonment area and generally known as the Camp Church. Different denominations including the Mar Thoma Church were worshiping in the Church.  We were the biggest group with about 200 families in 1977. It is the Richmond  area of Ahmedabad mostly inhabited by the mill owners  and the camp church is  situated in about two acres of land just within 500 meters from the Sabatmathi river. On the other side is the Sabarmathi Ashram and the Governor's Bungalow.
                   The St. Luke Presbetarians possessed another two acres of land in the heart of Ahmedabad city, just adjacent to the Gujarath University,valued at several crores at that time, where a couple of Presbetarian missioneries were staying to take care of their assets in India. Once I counted about 300 tombs of Europeans of various ages , men and women ,  who  died in that area in action or with Sun stroke and other diseases. Some of the tombs were 300 yeras old. This cemetry also had about one or two acres of land in another location close to the cantonement area. I had an opportunity to serve this parish as secretary and finance trustee for more than one term. Our Thomas Thirumeni used to attend services as a laity in this parish at that time.
                   The local Christians at that time made an attempt to capture the  Church telling that the  Presbyterians had no followers. Mar Thoma Parish being the biggest group of worshipers, at the time of  our present Valia Metropotha's visit (The Valia Metropolitha was the Bahya Kerala Bishop at that time) the then Vicar Rev Thoma P. George and myself took Thirumeni to get an authentication for our worship there, from the Presbetarians.
                    Unfortunately, the move was not supported by our own people and  decided to construct the present Community Center. If I know correctly, we lost our right to worship in the grand,magnificient and ancient Camp Church without a fight because we constructed a community Center and started worshiping simultaneously there.
Posted on: 17th December, 2009


Senior Citizen's Retreat at Navajeeva Kendram

           By, Sri. N.M. Mathew


                      On a steep mountain side at Malayalapuzha, near Pathanamthitta, stands a unique institution Navajeeva Kendram (Centre for a New Life), a Treatment and Rehabilitation  Centre for Alcoholic & Drug Addicts. It is the culmination of the desire of Mar Thoma Church to serve, guide, help and encourage those who are addicted, to lead a normal happy life. It has a dedicated staff that faces a lot of challenges everyday while dealing with addicts.

                    On November 25, 2009, thirty two senior citizens of St.Thomas Mar Thoma Church Kozhencherry dropped in to have a one day retreat under the leadership of Rev. K.M. Mammen (Vicar) and Rev. George Varghese. It was organized by Mr. George Mathew, Malayattoor and by the vice-president 92 year old Mr. P.Samuel, Parolil. Devotional talk was given by Rev. George Varghese

                    The director Rev. K. Thomas, was the main speaker. His message was centered on, “How we can make our life fruitful.” In his talk the director mentioned that, for some, drinking is a means to escape from troubles and disappointments. But there is none in this world who succeeded in achieving peace by drinking and then running away from reality.

                    The centre was opened in 1989 and in the past twenty years 4250 patients were treated here. Repenting; with tears in their eyes; ready to face the life on their own, many of them returned to normal life, normal family life and normal social life.

 Posted on: 28th November, 2009. 


Dispute over worshiping rights in British era Church

              - By  Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,

                The St Mary’s Church, established in 1825 and had served as a garrison church in the British era, has become a subject of debate among the Christian community here. It all started with the Church of North India (CNI) issuing two letters to St Peter’s Mar Thoma parish that was worshipping at the church for the past 65 years, saying that the latter will cease to be co-user of the church from November 1.

               Though St Peter’s Mar Thoma parish has shifted the place of worship to a newly-built centre in Wanworie earlier this month, the decision has now been legally challenged and a notice has been issued to CNI for denial of worshipping rights. The matter has also been taken up with the Southern Command as the church is located in Defence land.

               Maj. (Rtd.) Mathew Oommen (Parish Member), who sent the legal notice, said he has also filed an RTI application with the Defence Estate Officer. “The CNI was formed only in 1970 but members of the St Mar Thoma parish are worshipping there for 65 years now. In letters issued in September and October, the CNI even asked the Mar Thoma managing committee to pay ‘outstanding dues’ before vacating. It is maintenance donation that we had been paying all these years and not dues. This is clearly a denial of worshipping rights to one community and it is against the Constitution.”

               Rev. Ninan Jacob, priest of Mar Thoma Church, said the general body of Mar Thoma Church on November 15 had decided not to oppose the CNI decision. “The matter was discussed in the general body meeting and it was decided not to challenge the move. We have built a centre for worship and hence we shifted. But there are about 30 families that are opposing the CNI decision.”

              However, H.B. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, Head of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church, had said in a letter that “the Dubai parish had a similar experience. They surrendered their rights when they constructed a new Church. In long run, it will be better to retain its rights. To bear the expenses for one service, that is my view.”

              Jacob said the Bishop’s letter was not taken for discussion in the church general body meeting.

              However, CNI priest Rev. Sumesh Jacob, while admitting the receipt of the legal notice, said the Mar Thoma parish, per se, was not supportive of the legal move. “The St Peter’s Mar Thoma parish doesn’t have any problem with the CNI decision. They have already shifted their worshipping.”

              Brig. (Rtd) C.V. Koshy, one of the oldest members of the Mar Thoma parish who had been worshipping at St Mary’s Church since 1963, said the two communities had co-existed without any issue all these years. “It is not pleasant for a community to be asked not to worship in a church where they went for 65 years. There is so much of history connected with the church. Most important, the CNI is not the owner of the church, it is just the custodian.”

             Meanwhile, Col. Sanjay Shirotri, member of Pune Cantonment Board, said he was aware of the differences between the two communities. “Since this is a religious issue, we cannot interfere unless it comes for hearing before the Defence Estate Office.”             

Posted on: 25th November, 2009.  

Courtesy :Indian Express


Legal Notice of Pune CNI Church against St. Peter's Marthoma Parish

This is the Original Copy of Legal Notice of St. Peter's Marthoma Parish regarding the issue. The client is Maj. (Retd.) Mathew Oommen, a Member of the St. Mary's Parish, Pune and the Lawyer is Adv. Narayana Kurup.



St. Mary’s Church (CNI)                                                                                31 October 2009

1-A Sholapur Road,

Near St Mary’s School

Pune- 411 001

                                  LEGAL NOTICE ON DENIAL OF WORSHIP RIGHTS


 1.     My client, Major Mathew Oommen (Retd), a member of St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish, Pune, brought to my notice the contents of two letters , dated 24 September 2009 and 10 October 2009 , written by the Presbyter-in-charge(interim) of the St Mary’s Church  (CNI) to St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish, which were duly received by them. These letters were read in the parish meetings, the contents of which indeed came as a shock to many parish members. The crux of the matter revealed in the subject letters is the cause for which my client has approached me. My client seeks to challenge your contentions and the proposed actions as mentioned in the above letters and they are very much in your knowledge.

2.    At the very outset, it is stated that my client , as member of St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish, which is also Registered as a Trust in accordance with the Bombay Public Trust Act- 1950 vide Registration No  F/678/PNA D/5 11/73 and Societies Registration Act 1860(Act XX1 of 1860) vide  Registration  No.  MHA863/Pune dated 24-11-73 , is very much up set by your letters dated 24 September 2009 and 10 October 2009 . The reasons for which are briefly stated in the following paragraphs.

 3.   Background of The Cause of This Notice:  You are aware that St Mary’s Church , 1-A, Sholapur Road , Pune 411001, from which your parish function was built about 185 years ago as a Garrison Church by the Britishers. Since then, this Church was used as a place of worship by all Christian population residing in and around Pune Cantonment. After India ’s independence, various Christian organizations who had been worshiping in this Church, placed the administration of St Mary’s Church in ‘ Church of North India ’ (CNI) , an organization that came into existence in the year 1970. This is an admitted fact by your organization through your web site - (History), which is available for public view. You are also aware, through the history of the Church, that Mar Thoma Christians, from Kerala had been worshiping in this Church as individuals ever since the Church was built. Later the number of Mar Thoma population kept increasing and they formed themselves as a parish under the name “St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish. This parish has been in existence and making use of St Mary’s Church as a place of worship and socio-religious centre for last 65 years. Whereas your organization, namely the ‘Church of North India’ as co-users of  St Mary’s Church came into existence as late as in 1970. This goes to show that St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish was a religious body , worshiping in St Mary’s Church much earlier to CNI coming into existence. It is true that St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish has been making contribution regularly for the last 65 years for  maintenance of St Mary’s Church.   You are aware of the details of such contribution received by you since 1970. It is also known to you that during the last three years the St Peter’s Mar Thoma parish had been making concerted efforts to construct and establish a Mar Thoma Centre at Wanoworie- Pune 411040, to meet their congregation’s special socio-religious needs.  It is further in your knowledge that this Mar Thoma Centre was consecrated on 24 October 2009 by their Diocesan Bishop, Rt Rev Dr Abraham Mar Paulos.

 4.    Cause of This Legal Notice. On the pretext of St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish having an additional community centre , you as the administrators of St Mary’s Church has misinterpreted their action , as a break away activity. On the basis of this misconception you have initiated a notice stating that St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish will cease to be a co-user of St. Mary’s Church with effect from 1st November 2009 . Further you have also denied the right of worship to the congregation’s  every member or to a group of members of St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish. In addition, you have also asked the St Peter’s Mar Thoma Managing Committee to pay up the ‘outstanding dues’ before ‘leaving’ the St. Mary’s Church.  At this juncture my client  wishes to state that St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish is not a break away group and has no intention of ‘leaving’ St Mary’s Church. By conventions and customs established through a period as long as the existence of this church, my client and his parish members continue to be users of St Mary’s Church. Thus there is no legality or sanction for your actions or assertion in denying the rights of my client and other members of St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish. For the same reason, the question of paying up the ‘dues’ does not arise. It may be remembered that St. Mary’s Church is located on Defence Land (Survey.No.459-ad measuring 3.5 acres of land classified as B3 Defence Land). As such there is no legal sanction accruing to you to ask members of St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish to leave St Mary’s Church or to pay up ‘dues’ for their use of the Church. Therefore my client felt that your action of writing such letters were replete with several  imponderables and incongruities which can only attribute to some vested interest.

5.  As co-users, each and every member of St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish, individually and collectively have the right to continue the use of St. Mary’s Church as hither – to –fore. It is  pertinent to state that Defence authority or the Government of India, while allowing the Christian population of Pune Cantonment to use the said church and its premises as a socio- religious worship place, was only doing so in accordance with the secular policy as enshrined in the Constitution. It is brought to your notice that such secular privileges obtained from the government do not give you the right to exclude any particular group of individuals who has been traditionally making use of this church for the purpose meant for. Nor does it confer on you any right to claim any ‘dues’ from the users of the church. Misinterpreting the maintenance donation made by Mar Thoma group as anything like ‘rent’ and  claiming as ‘dues’ is a gross mistake on your part. It may also be pertinent to mention here that the claim for ‘dues’, tantamount to sub-letting of this Holy Church . St. Mary’s Church, a government property, was placed under your administration as a trust property in accordance with the provisions of Bombay Public Trust Act – 1950. Therefore you are legally bound to administer the trust property for the good of the beneficiaries who include members of St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish. In addition my client wishes to remind you of your bounden duty to administer the Trust in accordance with the Doctrine of Cypres, as enunciated by the Supreme Court while interpreting Section 92(3) of civil Procedure Code (vide amendment act 1976 in the leading case Ratilal v. State of Bombay (AIR 1954 / SC 388:1954 SCR 1055). 

6.    In view of the above my client has directed me to call upon  you to do the following :-

a)   Cancel/withdraw the letters in question, dated 24 September 2009 and 10 October 2009 , both signed by Rev Dinanath S Pathak, the presbyter-in-charge(interim) and addressed to St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish.

b)   Inform the Managing Committee of St Peter’s Parish that members of their parish , collectively and individually,  continue to be co-users of St Mary’s Church.

c)  Include representatives of St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish in the Administrative Committee of St Mary’s Church.

d)    Discuss as agenda point in the meetings of the Administrative Committee (as expanded),  the matters of maintenance contributions, repair and up keeping of this heritage building and the optimal use of the land in consultation with the Defence Estate officer / Station Commander.

e)   Suitably amend the text of your web site, particularly the statement ‘the church became part of CNI in the year 1970’, which is incorrect, since St Mary’s Church is a government property.

7.   The above request of my client may be duly considered and acted upon with fairness and with faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, so that the entire Christian community look upon and consider St Mary’s Church as a central point of worship and a uniting factor. At this juncture my client wishes to express his religious sentiments and spirit of ecumenism and accordingly has deliberately avoided agitating matters like ‘Title’/ownership of the said Trust property. Again my client has directed me to communicate that he shall be constrained and compelled to resort to other remedies including action at law, in the event of you not taking appropriate corrective action  

Narayana Kurup


Copy to:-

 1.      President, Managing Committee,  St Peter’s Mar Thoma Parish, Pune

 2.   Station Commander, Station Cell, HQ Pune Sub Area- with reference to my client’s letter   dated 15 October 2009 , pending action at your end.

3.    Defence Estate Officer – please refer to my client’s letters dated 06 October & 30 October 2009 on the subject, under Right to Information Act-2005.

             Marthoma Vishesham is of the view that such a thing should not have happened between 2 full communion Churches. We remember the CNI Moderators in our Thubden (Prayer of Intercession) during Holy Qurbana and here they (CNI) are fighting toe and nail over petty things.

            Marthoma Church has always maintained a peaceful stand everywhere. We share 7 Churches in Kerala and others elsewhere with the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church from times immemorial and there has never been any issue with that. People are shocked to see Ecumenism going up in flares after this issue with the CNI Church.

            We hope that a Consensus is soon reached and wound of such litigations are healed soon. May the Almighty have Mercy on us. 

Posted on: 25th November, 2009.


Theological Association (Satsangh) of Nagpur Seminary (Malankara Orthodox Church)  inaugurated

- By Reporter,            


H.B. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan inaugurating the Satsangh by lighting the Lamp       

                                                   H.B. Most Rev.  Dr. Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan Inaugurated the Theological Association (Satsangh) of Nagpur seminary. Nagpur Seminary is a theological institution affiliated under Serampore Theological University and belongs to the Malankara Orthodox Church.


        By, Dn. Jaise K. George

                           The Head of the Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church H.B. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas Metropolitan visited St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur on 4th October, 2009.
                    A traditional reception was accorded to the Metropolitan. After the evening prayer, the Metropolitan inaugurated the Satsang (the theological Association of the Seminary).
                    The Principal of STOTS (St. Thomas Theological Seminary, Nagpur) Rev.Fr. Dr. Reji Mathew briefly described the activities of the Seminary. Later the Metropolitan spoke about his close association with the Orthodox Church. He shared his cherished memories of his personal relation with H.H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews II, the former Catholicose of the Orthodox Church and with L.L. Dr.Stephanos Mar Theodosius.
                      He asserted that it was the need of the hour that all churches in the St. Thomas tradition cooperate in all possible areas to witness Christ in India . “We need to accept our common elements and respect what we disagree on. This should be our policy in ecumenical relations.” He cited some good examples of ecumenism in the outside Kerala region. The seminary faculty members Rev.Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip, Rev.Fr. Dr. Shaji P. John, Rev.Fr. Kurian Thomas and Rev.Fr. Philipose Venattu engaged in discussion with the Metropolitan. STOTS also has a student from the Marthoma Syrian Church .

News Clipping of the Same in Malayala Manorama News Paper:

 Courtesy: Malankara Orthodox Church TV

Re- Posted on: 12th September, 2009.


Late Rev. Mathew Thomas   

                  - By Sri.N.M.Mathew, 


                   Late Rev. Mathew Thomas, Vicar, Dwarka Delhi St. James Mar Thoma Church, passed away on Saturday October 31, after a road accident.

                 The body was brought to his home parish, Kumbanad Vattakottal Christ Mar Thoma Church for viewing at. 9.00 am. Monday November 2nd, 2009.  A large crowd gathered and they were controlled by clergy from neighbouring parishes.

                  Funeral service began at 11.00 am lead by His Beatitude Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan assisted by His Eminence Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus Suffragan Metropolitan, Their Graces Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa and Rt. Rev. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa.

                  Representing Mar Thoma Church, Sabha Secretary Rev. K.S. Mathew read the condolence message. Then the Clergy Trustee Rev. Varghese Thomas and the Lay Trustee Mr. K. Varghese placed the wreath.

                  For kaimuthu (kissing of the hand), the right hand of the body was exposed and covered with a sosappa.

                  Metropolitan gave a short message that was followed by the funeral service. Before the service ended, the body was taken to the sanctuary (Madbaha), bid farewell to madbaha then to fellow priests, leaders of the church, the parish, the parishioners and his village people.

                  Wife Mrs. Leena, (Thumpmon Kacholi Vilayil), gave a very touching eulogy followed by a representative of Thazhatheykoottu family. 

                  By 12.30 service was over and the body was taken to the parish cemetery.

Photo Courtesy: Sri. Jacob Thomas

Posted on: 5th November, 2009.


Keezhukara Parish Prayer Hall Dedication

- By Sri.N.M.Mathew,                                                                       Keezhukara Vedavayana is a Prayer group of the Kozhencherry Mar Thoma parish. They used to have Holy Communion service once a month at the Rev. P.E. Mathew Memorial Hall. Then in 2007 they decided to have their own chapel.

                      Foundation stone for the Chapel was laid by. Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus Suffragan Metropolitan on May 12th, 2008 and the chapel was completed and dedicated by The Most Rev. H.B. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan on February 28th, 2009.

                       The prayer hall was dedicated last Sunday (October 11, 2009) by Rev. K.M. Mammen, Vicar of the Mar Thoma parish Kozhencherry after the Holy Communion service. It was attended by more than 200 parishioners.

                       The Chapel's name is Keezhukara Shalom Chapel.

Photo Courtesy: Sri. Abraham Thomas, Keezhukara.

Re- Posted on: 2nd November, 2009.


World Sunday School Day – 2009

            - By Sri. N.M.Mathew         

                       Mar Thoma Parishes celebrated Sunday, November 1, 2009, as World Sunday School Day. In the morning children took active part in the worship services. But in the afternoon they had their own programmes of singing, story telling, and such other activities.

                               At Maramon Mar Thoma Church, Sunday school children in white uniform, gathered in front of  Maramon High School by about 2 p.m.. Under the leadership of their teachers they walked to the Church. There was a public meeting and the Chief Guest was a member of the CSSM working group. They had group dances and competitions. After the meeting light refreshment was served to all those who were present.

                               At Kozhencherry, almost 800 children from 13 Sunday schools under the leadership of their teachers, assembled at the church by 2.30 pm. A number of parents also joined them. The Chief Guest was Anil K Sam from CSSM. Prizes for various competitions were given out by the vicar Rev. K.M. Mammen. After the meeting, at 5 pm Aval Pothi (Sweet rice flakes) packets were distributed as in previous years.

 Posted on: 2nd November, 2009.


 Christava Sahitya Samithy Book Fair

- By Sri. N.M.Mathew.

                            CSS (Christava Sahitya Samithy) opened its Annual Literature Week and Book Fair on Saturday October 31st, 2009, at a special function at its headquarters, Tiruvalla in Kerala. It was presided over by Rt. Rev. Dr. Sam Mathew (CSI Church) and was declared open by H.E. Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus Suffragan Metropolitan. Rev. Varghese Thomas, Clergy Trustee of the Mar Thoma Church gave felicitations.

                    Mukhathala Salem Mar Thoma Church, Manganam St. Peter’s Mar Thoma Church, Ayoor Salem Mar Thoma Church and Chungathara Mar Thoma Youth League received prizes for the best sales in 2008.

                    Altogether 70 books in Malayalam and 15 books in English were released in 2008. Twelve new books (Ten Malayalam and Two English) were released during the meeting.

Posted on: 31st October, 2009.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bishops of Sister Churches Meet at Australia

Left to Right :H.G Mor Irenios Paulose (Bishop of Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church High Range and Australia Diocese)  & H.G Rt. Rev.Joseph Mar Barnabas(Bishop of  Marthoma Syrian Church for Adoor- Mavelikara and Australia Diocese) met in Perth to discuss the strategies to work together in Australia
 Courtesy: Malankara Syriac Voice
 Posted on: 27th October, 2009.


Mor Anthonios Yaqu'b visited Marthoma Parish, Manipal              

                            H.G Mor Anthonios Yaqu'b paid visit to the Marthoma Church here. Vicar Rev. Philip Mathew welcomed the Metropolitan. H.G Mor Anthonios Yaqu'b is the Newly appointed Metropolitan of Syrian Orthodox Church for Honavar Mission.

Posted on: 22nd October, 2009. 

Courtesy : Malankara Syriac Voice


Hundreds enter the world of letters

       - By Reporter,                       

 INITIATION in 2009                            
                              H.H. Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom, senior Metropolitan of Mar Thoma Church, led the Vidyarambhom ceremony held at Mar Thoma Lower Primary School at Chirayirambu near Kozhencherry in the forenoon on 30th Sptember, 2009.   



                              Initiation of 78 children belonging to different sections of society by H.H. Most Rev.Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom, Senior Metropolitan of Mar Thoma Church, at his residence at Maramon near Kozhencherry was a major event in the district.

                              The Metropolitan also offered sweets to all children on the occasion.

 Posted on:1st October, 2009.

Courtesy :The Hindu


New Community Centre in Church to benefit Needy


    Most Reverend H.H.  Dr. Joseph Mar

Thoma Metropolitan                               Most Reverend H.B.  Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan (centre) and Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philexenos                     inaugurating the new community centre.

Episcopa and other dignitaries being welcomed during the

inauguration of the new communitycentre at Mar Thoma Church in Mussafah, on Friday.

          Workers will be soon able to get useful items free or at subsidised prices from a 'thrift centre' at a newly inaugurated community centre in Mar Thoma Church, Mussaffah.

          "We plan to collect items from church members," Reverend Thomas Kurien Anchery, vicar of the church said on the sidelines of the inauguration of a community centre costing Dh 4.75 million, on Friday evening.

          "The idea is - if a child has two toys, he or she can contribute one to the centre which will be given to child who is unable to purchase one", George John, the convener of the construction committee of the centre, said.


Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam passes Annual Budget for Rs. 2.5 Crore

By Sri. Jacob Thomas   

                            The Annual General Meeting of Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam was held at Adoor Marthoma Youth Centre. H.G. Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa (Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam President) presided over the Meeting. A Budget of Rs. 2.5 Crore was presented. 

                             The following persons were elected as the members of the General Body of 2009- 10:- 

                                         1) Sri. Anil. M. George =  Vice- President.

                                         2) Rev. Charley Jose = General Secretary.

                                         3) Sri. Manoj Mathew =  Treasurer.

                              Marthoma Vishesham Hopes and Prays that the Proposed Budget and the Elected Members will work for the Common Good of all the youths inside and outside Kerala.

                              Below is given a Scanned detailed report of this News:    

Posted on: September 18th, 2009.


Sri Anson Thomas gets CNN- IBN's Real Life Hero Award

By Sri Abraham P.V.

                     Sri Anson Thomas is a member of the Marthoma Church Santacruz , Mumbai. He was active in the rehabilitation of Sex Workers and their Children .He saved more than 650 Girls (Children of these Sex Workers).

                    His native place is in Adoor's Ezhamkulam and he is working as Customs Preventive Officer in the Mumbai Airport.He was awarded the CNN- IBN's Real Life Hero Award of Rs. 5 Lakhs. He was generous enough to donate the same amount of money to a Nepali Girl resuced in 1996.

                    Below is given a Paper Clipping and a Photo of Sri Anson Thomas.


                                          Marthoma Vishesham salutes this Great Son of our Church for standing out as an Example of Service. Sri Anson showed that we all can do our bit to the Society where we live in even in the midst of every day Work. 

 Posted on: 15th September, 2009.


St. Stephen's Marthoma Parish's (Delhi) Foundation Stone Laid

                 The foundation stone of the Church building of St. Stephen's Mar Thoma Church, Mayur Vihar Phase-III, Delhi was laid by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulos Episcopa on Saturday, the 12th September 2009 at 8.30 A.M.

                All the Priests from Delhi Centre participated. Catholic & C.S.I. Sister Church's Priests also participated.
                The meeting was inaugurated by Union Minister Prof. K.V.Thomas.

                Below are given few pictures of the Ceremony.     


Posted on: 15th September, 2009.


Holy Muron Consecrated

By Sri. Sunny Plachira,

                         The Holy Muron Koodasha was consecrated by His Holiness Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan together with other Bishops and few Priests on 5th September, 2009 at Marthoma Sabha Head Quarters in Thiruvalla in the Syrian Christian Church (SC Pally). 

                         Such Koodasha is done only during 10 years of gap.

                         The Holy Muron is multiplied from the already existing Holy Muron Oil containing vessel which came from the Patriarch of Antioch for consecration of Bishops in India. It is still used for the consecration of Bishops in the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church.

                         Following are the few snaps that Sri. Sunny Plachira took during the Ceremony. 

                         We thank him for his efforts.



Posted on: 11th September, 2009.


Mar Thoma Church Mandalam concludes

                               A three-day meet of the parliament of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar, Mar Thoma Sabha Mandalam, came to a close at Thiruvalla on Saturday afternoon.

                               H.H. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma, Metropolitan of the church, presided over the valedictory function.

                               The meet passed a Rs.54-crore annual budget for the church.

                               The budget, presented by lay trustee K.Verghese, sets apart Rs.1 crore for a scheme to provide houses for all homeless Church members.

Cancer Care

                                A sum of Rs.25 lakh is set apart for cancer care and Rs.5 lakh for extending marriage assistance to girls belonging to economically backward families. An amount of Rs.20 lakh is earmarked for setting up Balavadis outside Kerala.

                                The Metropolitan presented the Manavaseva Award, instituted by the Church, to Rev. Fr. A.K. George and the Maliyekkal M.C. George Kaseessa Prize to Rev. Fr. M.C. Thomas.

                                The meeting expressed concern over the delay in resolving the agitation for land by the landless at Chengara and other parts of the State.
Posted on :6th September,2009


Protect the Poor: Marthoma Metropolitan              

                       Metropolitan of Mar Thoma Church, H.H. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Marthoma, said that the Church and the government should be the protectors and saviours of the poverty stricken people of society.

                       Presiding over the three day Mar Thoma Prathinidhi Mandalam meeting on the opening day at Tiruvalla on Thursday, Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan said that the poor should be given a new lease of life to ensure peace, dignity and social justice.

                       The Metropolitan said the poor nations were the victims of the policies of rich countries. The flawed economic policies of the 20th century continue to affect the poor. Joseph Marthoma said that the State Government, instead of uplifting the poor people, was held up in problems like infighting and power struggle.
Posted on :6th September,2009


Kattanam Marthoma Mission Hospital celebrates Onam

         By Reporter

                       Kattanam Marthoma Mission Hospital celebrated Onam. His Grace Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa was the Chief Guest. Below are few photos of this event.


 Photo Courtesy: Dr. Siby  Kurian Philip.

Posted on: 3rd September, 2009.


Our Heartfelt Condolence to Dr. Daniel   Acharuparambil

                        Head of Latin Catholics Archbishop Dr. Daniel Acharuparambil breathed his last here on Monday morning, having spent last three days in the intensive care unit of a private hospital near Kochi. He was 70.

                   He had been admitted to the hospital with high fever and suffered multiple organ failure.

                   Dr. Daniel Acharuparambil’s death was heartbreaking news for hundreds and thousands of Christian devotees and members of other communities in Kerala, as was not only dear to Christian community but to Hindus and Muslims as well because of his approach towards society.

                   Despite being a Christian clergy he has penned many Hindu spirituality and other religion books. Acharuparambil was President of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council (KCBC).

                    Various people from different socio cultural representatives converged at the hospital to see him for the last time.

                     Minister Prof. K.V. Thomas on this occasion said that Dr. Daniel Acharuparambil’s death was a great loss to the community and the people of Kerala.

                     “He has been the supreme head of Varapurzha and Latin hierarchy in Kerala and always did his work with all his responsibilities which bought the latin community to a long way, I personal feel very sad in his demise” said Minister Prof. K.V. Thomas in Kochi.

                     Born to Rocky and Monica Acharuparambil in Palliport on May 12, 1939, Acharuparambil was ordained as a priest on March 14, 1966. He was elevated as a bishop and became the Archbishop of Verapoly in Nov 3, 1996.

                     Acharuparambil taught in various theological institutes in Rome for more than two decades before taking charge as the head of the Verapoly diocese.

                     He joined the Carmelite order at Ernakulam in May 1956 and completed his philosophy and theology courses at St. Josephs Pontifical Seminary, Aluva. He was ordained priest on March 14, 1966.

                     He was known as a scholar who delved deep into Hindu spirituality and wrote several books on the subject, including “Hindu Mysticism and Spirituality” and The Destiny of Man in the Evolutionary Thought of Sree Aurobindo.”

                     The funeral will take place Wednesday at 3.30 p.m. in which chief clergies from different parts will participate including a representative from Vatican in Rome, said an official spokesperson in Kochi.

                     Marthoma Vishesham send our condolences on behalf of all the Marthomites world over.

             "God the Gardner plucked out a Beautiful Flower (Dr. David Acharuparambil) from His Garden and hence he is no more with us, but is at the bosom of the Heavenly Father".  Let our hope flutter high during this time of grief.


Sunday Holy Qurbana for our Martyrs

          By Reporter

                     Religion did not matter, nor did denominations. Neither region nor language was a barrier. People from all walks of life got together at Marthoma Syrian Church, Primrose Road, Bangalore on Sunday the 30th of August, 2009 to pray for the hundreds who have laid their lives for the country.

               Relatives of five martyrs -- Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Squadron Leader P V Venkatraman, Captain Kevin Kumar, Major Sylvester Rajesh Ratnam and Colonel Jojan Thomas -- were present. The parish specially organized the mass for the occasion.

              The service consisted of thanksgiving and prayers to the nation, with melodious hymns composed for the purpose. The military police band also participated. Excerpts from Shashi Tharoor's `India: From Midnight To The Millennium', Rabindranath Tagore's `India Awakening' and Jawaharlal Nehru's `Trtyst With Destiny' speech were read out during the two-hour programme.

              The martyrs' relatives accepted the tribute, most with moist eyes. Others of the parish who are or were part of the defence were also honoured.

             "Peace-making is about action, not apathy. It calls for confrontation. But at the end of it, blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God," said Rev.Fr.  Sham P Thomas, department of communication, United Theological College, Bangalore. Admiral O. S. Dawson was also present. 

Posted on: 31st August, 2009.


H.G Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa and delegates from Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church visited H.H Patriarch Ignatious Zakka Iwas 1st

   By Reporter

                            On Thursday August 25, 2009, His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zaka I Iwas received a group of faithful from Malankara Syrian Mar Thoma Church of India, headed by H.G. Rt. Rev. Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa of Thiruvananthapuram & Kollam Diocese at the St. Aphrem Monastery in Ma`rrat Sayyidnaya, Damascus. The group was enroute to Holy Land pilgrimage.

                                   Their Eminences Mor Philoxinos Mattiyas Nayis, Mor Severius Ishak Zaka ,Mor Yulios Kuriakose and Rev. Sleeba Kattumangattu Cor-Episcopa from India were also present on the occasion.

Create a Free Slideshow
  Few clips of the visit of H.G Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa and the Delegate's visit to the Monastery of St. Ephrem , Syria.

Please Note: Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church has a long standing relationship with The Patriarch of Antioch from the Beginning itself. In fact, our Bishop Late Lamented Blessed Memory of Palakunnathu Mathews Mar Athanasius received Metropolitanship from the Patriarch itself and served as a Bishop there in Mosul, Iraq.

                         Even after many years ,Mar Thoma Syrian Church still adores the Patriarch of Antioch with due respect and it has been the same from the other side as well. 

Courtesy: Official Site of the Universal Syriac Orthodox Church and Malankara Syriac Voice.

Posted on: 30th August, 2009.


Riyadh MTC 4th Family Meet at Maramon Retreat Centre

                             By Our Friend Reporter

                         By the Grace of our Lord, the 4th Family meet of our congregation went very well today. H.H. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan blessed the occasion with his presence and inaugurated the meet by lighting the traditional 'Nilavilakku' (Oil Lamp).

                         His Holiness insisted all congregation members to be like a seed, transforming into a plant, reacting to the surrounding nature where it is placed.

                         Mar Thoma Sabha Secretary Rev. K.S.Mathew, Sunday School Samajam General Secretary Rev.G.Samuel, Mallappally Ashraya Project Leader & Sehion Mar Thoma Syrian Church Vicar Rev. I.George, Kakkathodu Orekkar Immanuel Mar Thoma Syrian Church Vicar Rev. Thomas Joseph, Sevika Sangham General Secretary Mrs. Susamma Mathews, Advocate Cyrus from Orissa Mission and Evangelist Babykutty Pullad were present in the meeting and congratulated the Riyadh Mar Thoma Congregation for their contribution to the the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church.

 Posted on: 21st August, 2009.


Yesudas vists Parthasarathy Temple                                           -  By Reporter


                                 Courtesy: Malayala Manorama

                                 Legendary playback singer K.J. Yesudas and his family members visited the Sree Parthasarathy Temple, one of the most ancient temples of Kerala, on the banks of the Pampa at Aranmula on Monday.

                                 He offered 'Vallasadya', the ritualistic feast to the crew of Palliyodams (snake-boats), who participate in the famous Aranmula boat race held during Onam. Yesudas came to the temple early in the morning with his wife Prabha, sons Vijay and Vishal and daughter-in-law Darshana.

                                 "I offer this feast to Lord Parthasarathy as part of my humble prayers for the salvation of the poor and for world peace," Yesudas said, adding that people cutting across different religious faiths participate in the feast which is a model to the modern world. The ‘first meal’ ceremony of Ameya, the singer’s seven-month-old grandchild, was also held at the Aanakkottil, near the golden temple mast.

                                  There was a huge rush of devotees and the police had to restrict vehicular traffic on the road leading to the western entrance. Mar Thoma Church senior Metropolitan H.H. Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom, P.J. Kurien, P.T. Thomas, Anto Antony, MPs, K. Sivadasan Nair, Raju Abraham, MLAs, Palliyoda Seva Sanghom president K.V. Sambadevan and poet R.K. Damodaran were among those who attended the ‘Vallasadya’.

Posted on :August 19th ,2009.


News Alert!!!

                    By Vancouver Canada Marthoma Parish Reporter,

                                     This is for those Marthomites who live in Vancouver, Canada area and are unaware of the vibrant and strong Marthoma Prayer Group present over there.

                              The activity of the Group is briefed below:

                               We usually conduct services on Sunday evenings at 5pm. Every third Sunday, we hold the "Youth Service", where most (if not all) of the service (including singing, liturgy, bible-reading, offertory, message and intercessory prayer) is handled by the youth. Accordingly yesterday, we had the Youth Service.

                                  Our vicar visits us once a month from Calgary and holds the Holy Communion service that Sunday.

                                                 Marthoma Vishesham is glad to see the expansion of the Church and also the prayer group activities. We pray that our Marthomites will be a Great Witness of our Lord in the Area they have been planted.

  Posted on: 17th August,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

H. G.Yakob Mar Irenios' 60th Birthday Celebrations

                        By Reporter

                                    H.G. Dr. Yakob Mar Irenios' (Kochi Metropolitan of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church) 60th Birthday Celebrations was held on 16th of August, 2009 at  A.J. Hall, Kollur

                                    H.H. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma was the Chief Guest during this event.  Paulose Mar Milithios (Catholicose Designate) and Yuhanon Mar Polycarpus (Thrikunnathu Metropolitan) also graced the occasion.

                                     Click on the link to read more on the News

Courtesy: Malankara Orthodox TV

        Posted on: 17th July 2009

Religious leaders oppose repeal of Sec. 377 on Homosexuality

                                         By Reporter

New Delhi:  Even as gay communities rejoice over the news that the government is considering the repealing of the IPC section that criminalises homosexuality, religious leaders have expressed their reservations over the move.

                             "It (homosexuality) is not at all acceptable and agreeable. It is against the tenets of the Bible. Man and woman were created in God's own image. Homosexuality is against the society" , Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose Episcopa, Marthoma Syrian Church of Malabar ,Delhi- Mumbai Diocesan  Bishop said here.

                                Vishwa Hindu Parishad is also opposed to any dilution in the Section 377 of IPC. "It is against the culture and family system in India. It will result in spread of number of diseases. But we will see what changes, if at all, are introduced in the section," said Vinod Bansal, spokesperson of Delhi unit of the Parishad.

                                 Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, a prominent body of Muslim community too has hit out at the government's proposed move, saying the repeal of the section would create "sexual anarchy" in the society.

 Posted on: 29th June, 2009.


Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan Rescues Kumbanadu Fellowship Hospital from debt

       By Sri. Mandooran

                  Joseph Mar Thoma Metrpolitan who took over as the Supreme Head of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church at a time when the Kumbanadu Fellowship hospital was in deep debts as a huge loan and the accrued interest. The debt was incurred by the mismanagement of the previous administration which took the loan to construct a Geriatric center without a plan for repayment. The property of Mar Chrysostom Valiya Marthoma Metropolitan Thirumeni was mortgaged to the bank. The accumulated debt was about 4 million Rupees to date.

                In spite of of His very bad health  and medical advice against long travels, by sheer contact mainly in the USA and Kuwait and a few other countries in the Gulf his Grace the Metropolitan was able to find the money to be paid off on the negotiated date that is, the first week of June 2009. When Thirumeni came to Kuwait, He was unable to stand without a helper. In very composed  tone, Thirumeni related his  health condition  and was not sure whether it will deteriorate further  and in that case He may not be able to meet the challenge. He did not make any public appeal for fund, but by personal contact he was just short of less than 2 million of the final negotiated amount.
                  Thanks to Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan, all loyal Marthomites could be relieved now of the fear of loosing the Fellowship Hospital, which is an integral part of our Church's ministry.

116th Death Anniversary of Marthoma XIV    


                          H.H.  Most. Rev. Thomas Mar Athanasius Marthoma Metropolitan (Marthoma XIV) 

                 On 10th Of August ,2009 Monday, it is the 116th Death Anniversary of His Holiness Late Lamented Blessed Memory of Most Rev. Thomas Mar Athanasius Marthoma Metropolitan.

                 H.H. lived in a period which was a turbulent one in the history of this Church. There was a litigation that took ten years to settle. After the final verdict, the Church passed through a period of transition. Malankara Church was divided into two. The majority came under the jurisdiction of the Patriarch of Antioch(Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church), while the remaining individuals continued to be independent with their own Metropolitan, Thomas Mar Athanasius (Marthoma Syrian Church of Malabar).
                H.H. can be termed as the architect of today's Church that we see. H.H. always held on to autonomy and refused to sacrifice independence.It was during the life of H.H. that Marthoma Evangelistic Association and Maramon Convention came into existence.

                H.H was driven out of the Old Seminary. H.H went back to his home village. Soon after this, the Metropolitan had a stroke and died on August 10, 1893 and was laid to rest at Maramon Marthoma church. H.H was not able to consecrate his successor.Later ,H.H. Late Lamented Blessed Memory of Geevarghese Mar Koorilose (Karumamkuzhi Pulikkottil) of Malabar Independent Syrian Church found a suitable successor in P.J. Thithoos Kathanar and gave the episcopal title as -Thithoos Dwitheeyan Mar Thoma Metropolitan (Titus II Mar Thoma Metropolitan)

                 H.H. died on August 10, 1893and was laid to rest at Maramon Marthoma church.
                 May the life of this Holy Father be a shining example to all of us. Amen.
                 Marthoma Vishesham is indeed privileged to remember this Great Hero of our Church.

Posted on: 10th August, 2009


 Condolence to our Beloved Achen


Demise of Rev. Mathew Thomas (Former Vicar of St. James Dwaraka Marthoma Parish, Delhi)

                           Rev. Mathew Thomas (35), Thazhathekuttu, Kumbanad P. O., Tiruvalla - 689547 expired on Friday, 30.10.2009 in a Road Accident in Delhi. Funeral will be held at 02.11.2009 at Kumbanad Vattakottal Christ Mar Thoma Church.

Achen's Life Journey: 

Born on:  1974 Jun 05

Ordained as Deacon : 2000 Aug 18

Ordained as Kassissa : 2000 Sep 11

Home Parish : Vattakottal Christ

Baskiomo : Mrs Annie Leena Sam

( D/O Mr. D Samuel Kachoravilayil, Thumpamon)

Parishes served:  Chalissery, Mukkuthara Salem, Edamon Moria, Urukunnu

Ebenezer, Nagamala, Kuruvanthalam, New Delhi St James.
                                 Sri. Punnoose Anchery, Edavaka Secretary of Kuwait Marthoma Church has expressed deep condolence to Achen's Family on behalf of Kuwait Marthoma Church.
                                  Marthoma Vishesham deeply mourns the untimely death of Rev. Mathew Thomas. May Achen rest on the Laps of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We request you all to remember Achen's family in your Personal Prayers as the family goes through this period of a great loss.
                                  Sri. Jacob Thomas*, has presented a PDF File fromat of Brochure in connection with Achen's Demise. Please click on the link below to know more about Achen .(Achen's photo included). PDF File Courtesy: Sri. Sajil, Maramon.
Link : Rev. Mathew Thomas.pdf    

*Reader's Please Note: There is a Correction made. Marthoma Vishesham had earlier mentioned that Sri. Jacob Thomas is the Member of St, James Marthoma Church, Dwaraka, Delhi. But, he is not. The error is regretted.

Titusji- An unknown hero of the Mar Thoma Church                      


                           The Christian Dandi Marcher - Freedom Fighter, 1905-1980

                                                    By Thomas John Philip Nalloor

                                     When we celebrate Independence Day on 15 August, it is noteworthy to read about an unknown hero of the Church. It’s a pride to the Mar Thoma Church that it has men of such vision and mission, who worked untiringly for the freedom of the country. We praise and thank God for such leaders like Mr. and Mrs. Titus of Bhopal.

                                 Titusji (b.18 Feb, 1905), hails from a farming family, (Theverthundiyil, Maramon) in Kerala. He was a member of the Maramon Mar Thoma Parish. After his high school graduation, he taught in a school in Vadasserikkara (a village about 20 km away from Maramon), for a few years and then joined the Allahabad Agriculture University and passed an Indian Dairy Diploma course with distinction.

                                    He was selected by Mahatma Gandhi as a secretary for his milk project in the Sabarmati Ashram near Ahmedabad. Mr. Gulzarilal Nanda (who later became prime mister of India) was the secretary of another unit. Both of them were trusted friends of Gandhiji. Titus got married in 1933, and his wife joined the Sabarmati Ashram; her wedding ornaments were donated to the Ashram.

                                    In 1930, when Mahatma Gandhi decided to break the salt law, he chose trusted Titus to be one of the selected 78 men. Gandhiji, Titusji and 77 others marched from Sabarmathi to Dandi beach to make salt in the symbolic way. Titus was the only Christian in that group. They were beaten up and arrested by the British.

                                   During one of his visits to Kerala, Titusji burnt the British clothes (foreign clothes) in Kottayam and gave a fiery speech to thousands of Keralites.

                                   Mahatma Gandhi visited Titusji’s house in Maramon (Theverthundiyil) on his way to the famous Hindu temple in Aranmula near Chengannur. This was considered one of the greatest events in Central Travancore. In and around Maramon, thousands witnessed his visit.

                                  After Independence, Titusji settled in Bhopal. He always wore a Khadi. He helped thousands of youngsters find jobs in Madhya Pradesh. He was a very active member of the Mar Thoma Church in Bhopal. In 1970, he published the book “The Bharat of my Dreams”.

                                He passed away on 8th August, 1980, at the Kasthurba Hospital in Bhopal. He never got any medals or pension for his participation in the freedom struggle.

 N.B.:-. In his earlier days he was known by the name Titus. “Titusji” was the name given to him by Mahatma Gandhi as a token of love and honour.

                              Marthoma Vishesham whole heartedly wishes all it's readers A Happy Independence Day. Please pray for our Country on this occassion.


Posted on: 14th Aug. 2009
  Posted on :20th June, 2009.

56th Birth Day of Abraham Mar Paulose Episcopa


                     On 16th of August, 2009 our beloved Thirumeni H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr. Abraham Mar Paulose Episcopa (Bishop of Delhi -Mumbai Diocese and President of Sunday School Exam) is celebrating H.G.'s 56th Birthday.

H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr Abraham Mar Paulose hails from Kanjirathara family, Kottayam. St Peters Mar Thoma Church, Manganam is H.G's Home Parish.

                     As everyone knows Thirumeni loves Children and in return does those Children. Thirumeni is very much close to this organisation. Last year Thirumeni was transferred to Mumbai -Delhi Diocese. H.G is our Church's Bishop who resides in the Capital of our Country.

                     On this occassion, Marthoma Vishesham ,on behalf of all the people around the world wishes H.G. a Blessed Happy Birthday .May God grant H.G. good health and longevity for years to come.

                     Please pray for Thirumeni in your daily personal prayers.

Posted on: 15th Aug. 2009


 Marthoma Youth Group of Kristu Jayanti College begins                             

         The Marthoma Youth of Kristu Jayanti College, Bangalore gave a colourful start to a long cherished dream of starting a prayer group.

                                  A meeting was called upon on 2nd of May, 2009 at 1:00 p.m. at one of our youth's residence. Rev. Thomas John Achen, Student Chaplain of Bangalore Center gave the leadership.

                                  After  snacks, the prayer meeting started with a singing session, followed by  a Game session. Afterwards, Achen led the small Group in sharing the Word of God.

                                  Suggestions for improvement and the date of the next meeting was decided. Achen ,together with the youths decided to meet next Saturday (i.e, on 9th May, 2009 at 1:00 p.m.) .

                                 Totally, though only 8 Students (both juniors and seniors) attended the meeting, each attended  decided to make sure this lamp  lit will shine as a star in this college in a short while. By the Grace of God, the meeting was a success. The Youth of Kristu Jayanti College  Bangalore, who attended are of the hope that more students will attend in the coming meetings.

                                Please uphold, this great endeavour of Rev. Thomas John, Student Chaplain, in your prayers.

Posted on 2nd May, 2009


Episcopal Visit to Bangalore East Marthoma Parish

   By Reporter

                          His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa, Bishop of  Chennai- Bengaluru and Kunnamkulam -Malabar Diocese visited Bangalore East Marthoma on 17th of May, 2009. Thirumeni was the Chief Celebrant of the Holy Qurbana. During the Holy Qurbana ,8 new First Holy Communicants were  welcomed to the new membership of the Church and were made to renew their oath which their God Parents had taken during their child hood. Each communicant got a "Word of God"  which was duly signed by Thirumeni.

                          Thirumeni was welcomed by Rev. Monsi .K. Philip ,Vicar of Bangalore East Marthoma Parish during the formal function. Rev. K. Thomas(Retd.) and Rev. Sham. P. Thomas, Professor at United Theological College was also present.

                     During the occassion ,Thirumeni lauded the contribution of the Bangalore East Marthoma Parish in the mission activities of the Church. Thirumeni encouraged the Kaisthana Samathi to move forward with a clear vision and wished them success. Thirumeni also held interactions with the secretaries of various organisations (Sunday School ,Yuvajana Sakhyam, Edavaka Mission etc.,).

                     Thirumeni inaugrated the parish website on this joyous occassion. H.G. encouraged the parishoners to make use of this site to the maximum and also advised them never to loose human touch of interaction within parishioners, which is slowly fading away in this e- age. The site will be online in a few days time. The Website address is

                      Thirumeni gave the Final Benediction and gave Kaimuthu to all the members who were present.     

Posted on :19th May 2009.


Farewell to a Warrior

                  The Funeral Service is on Wednesday ( tomorrow) at 10:30AM in the Bethel Marthoma Church, KR Puram, Bangalore. The service at home is at 10 AM.

                 To those of who don't know Sanu- he was very actively involved in the youth activities, be it the Centre or of the Diocese. He was the VP of the Bangalore Centre Youth Group. To all of us he was an amazing WARRIOR OF THE LORD, a GREAT FRIEND, and one with TREMENDOUS COURAGE.

                We sure are going to miss him. Let us keep his mother, father and sister in prayers.

                Let us as the youth of the Bangalore centre all be a part of the funeral service tomorrow and salute this young YOUTH WARRIOR FOR CHRIST. We can be assured that he is up in heaven with our Lord.

Prayers and Regards,

Dinu Sam ,Diocesan Youth Secretary.

                    NEWS UPDATE:-
                               Funeral of Mr. Sanu. P. Abraham was conducted at KR Puram Marthoma Church, which was conducted by Chennai -Bangalore Diocese Bishop H.G. Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos and 16 Marthoma Priests and priests from other Denominations. There was a huge crowd and a good number of youths from in and around Bangalore were present.
                     By Reporter.
Posted on 30th April 2009.

Events :


KANAVU -2011   

           - By Sri. Alex Varghese,

                         We cordially invite you & your family for KANAVU 2011 on 28TH January 2011 at Indian School Auditorium  at 5 pm onwards .

                   Our Chief Guest will be  Mrs.Jalaja (Film Star).

                   The Highlights of this program are: 


Margam kali,


Songs ,

Live Painting by Rev. Reji Dan K Philipose and Sri. Grorge K Mathew.

                    This is a Mission to help Cancer Patients & Mission Fields.  Transport will be arrange from Muharaq  3:30 pm & NEC 4 PM.


                   To know more, please click on the following link:

KANAVU -2011

Posted on: 25th Jan. 2011.


Bangalore Centre Youth Convention- 2011

            - By, Rev. Thomas John, 

1st Session: 22nd January, Saturday,

4pm at Hebbal Jerusalem Marthoma Church

2nd Session: 23rd January, Sunday,

8am at KR Puram Bethel Marthoma church

Speaker: Silas Balraj,

Director of Compassion, Chennai

Theme: Life worth living

......Come in for a time of inspiring singing and worship, insights from the Bible on youth issues, prayer and personal counselling. 

Posted on: 19th Jan. 2011.


Samarpanam 2011

   - By Reporter, 

                        Y’s Men’s Club of New Dubai is proud to present Samarpanam 2011, a magical evening filled with music and dance. 

             The programme is dedicated to His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valia Metropolitan. As a tribute to the 93 year old Valiya Metropolitan, the proceeds from the show will go towards funding eye surgery for 93 patients. It will also aid in rehabilitation of HIV infected children (Snehatheeram Snehagiri projects, Trivandrum). 

               Press release of Samarpanam 2011 

                  Y’s Men’s club of New Dubai always try to help the underprivileged, sick and needy in the society.

                       For more information on the date, venue programs and other things, please click on the below given press releases:


Samarpanam 1


Posted on: 8th Jan. 2010.


Annual Clergy Conference 2010

        - By Sri. Punnoose Anchery and Sri. Sunny Plachira,

Event:      Annual Clergy Conference 2010      

Date:        30th November (Tuesday) to 3rd December (Friday) 2010.

Venue:    Christian Education Centre, Charalkunnu

Theme:    "Ministry of the clergy- Challenges of the Day."

Conference fee:  Rs. 400/- 

Retired Achens: Rs. 200/- Only.         

For more info. about the program, please visit:

Posted on: 27th Nov. 2010.


Symposium 2010 on Marthoma Sabha

       - By Sri. Gibi Varghese,

Event           Symposium 2010 

Organisers: Kuwait Marthoma Senior Youth Forum 

Topic:             " Marthoma Sabha"

Date:               17th Nov. 2010, Wednesday ,7 :30 pm

Venue:            United India School

Moderator  Rev. Thomas Koshy P, Vicar, Salmiya St. Thomas Mar Thoma Parish

Posted on: 14th Nov. 2010.


VBS 2010 at Bahrain Marthoma Parish

            - By Sri. Alex Varghese,

Theme: “BE HOLY” (1 Peter 1: 15)
Date:     On November 16,17,18 & 19, 2010

Venue: Indian School auditorium, Isa Town

For details & registration forms contact:
VBS Convenor
Mr.Thomas Samuel

Sunday School Headmaster
Mr.Biju K Ninan
or 17402217/39824148

Download from church website

Posted on: 11th Nov. 2010.


 Gulf Marthoma Youth Meet 2010

         - By Sri. Alex Varghese,

Event:      XVIth Gulf Marthoma Youth Conference 2010

Dates:      Nov. 16th to 18th Nov. 2010 

Venue:     Immanuel Marthoma Church, Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar

Theme:    "Wake up and shine"

Speakers: Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophious Suffargan Metropolitan 

                    Rt. Rev. Joseph Mar Barnabas Episcopa 

                    Dr. Ruble Raj

                    Rev. Sam. T. Koshy


Posted on: 6th Nov. 2010.


Bahrain Marthoma Youths hosting Iftar Party

    - By Sri. Sanju Alex,

                       Bahrain Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyam is proud to host an Iftar Party on September 6th at South Park Restaurant.

                       This is the first time that a Church is hosting an Iftar Party on the occassion of Ramzan.

                       Church leaders, social workers, labourers etc., from different walks of life are invited. For more information ,please contact Sri. Abraham Samuel at 39806202 or Sri. Shery Mathew at 36461736.             

                       This occasion is for strengthening brotherhood and peace among religions, according to Bahrain Marthoma Parish officials.

                        Bahrain is a land wherein both foreigners and nationals of different religions and culture live in mutual harmony. Hence, this Iftar party is a thanksgiving for the tolerance attitude of the Bahrain Government, said Sri. Abraham Samuel.             

                                 Please click on the link below to read the Malayalam Version of this News which came in a Newspaper:                       

 'Sahodarya sandehavumayi Marthoma Yuvajana Sakhyathinte Iftar Aarinu'

Marthoma Vishesham prays that this Iftar Party may build even more cohesiveness in the land of Bahrain. Also, we congratulate the youths over there for taking the lead in bridging the Parish with the Society. Wishing you ALL THE BEST for this "Pioneer Event".

Posted on: 2nd Sept. 2010.


Ordination of Dn. Prince Varghese

        - By Adv. John Joseph Nalloor,


                      His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan has graciously consented to ordain Dn. Prince Varghese, as Kasseessa on 3rd Sept. 2010. This is the first time an Ordination is happening in Kuwait.
Time:     3.15 pm- 6.30 pm
Venue:   at NECK, Church & Parish Hall, Kuwait.
                       The invitation of this event is displayed below: 

Marthoma Vishesham prays that this event may be a blessed one. 
Posted on: 31st August, 2010.


Church consecration of Salem Marthoma Church, Ernakulam            

                   - By Sri. Cinson Chacko,

                                        Below is given an invitation card for Salem Marthoma Church, Ernakulam.

Date: 28th August, 2010

Time: 3:00 pm

Venue: Convent Road, Ernakulam, Kochi- 35.

Posted on: 26th August, 2010.


Mandalam meeting in August

      - By Sri Sunny Plachira Ikarameparathu,

                        Mandalam meeting will be held from August 24th to 26th ,2010 at Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church Head Quarters, Thiruvalla.

                        Agenda: For Passing Report and Annual Budget.

Marthoma Vishesham prays for all Mandalam members as they take future plans for our Holy Church.                 

Posted on: July 23rd, 2010.


Marthoma Metropolitan scheduled to be in Kuala Lumpur during Christmas time

   By Reporter,

           Our Metropolitan Thirumeni, H.B. Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma, is making a maiden visit to Malaysia as the  Head of the Malankara Mar Thoma Syrian Church.

           Metropolitan Thirumeni will be the chief guest for the "Malaysia" Carol Service on 19th December evening. Metropolitan Thirumeni will celebrate Holy Communion in our Church on Christmas (Dec. 25th, 2009) morning.

           Thirumeni is also scheduled to take part as Dean for the Sevika Sangham Annual Zonal Conference which will be held at the Laketown Serviced Apartment, Bukit Merah, Perak from Friday, 11th to Sunday, 13th Dec., 2009. Cost for accommodation is RM190.00 and transport is RM40/- [Total: RM230/-]. 

           Marthoma Vishesham prays for the safe journey of the Holy Father. We also hope that all Marthomites in Kuala Lumpur will have a great Christmas together with the Metropolitan.

 Posted on: November 28th, 2009.


Kuwait Mar Thoma Christmas Carol Service -2009

  - By Sri. Punnoose Anchery,

                   It's Christmas, a time of Joy, Peace, Love and Generosity which brings families and friends together in celebration.
                   On behalf of Kuwait Mar Thoma Edavaka , I gladly invite you for the Christmas Carol Service 2009.
                  The angels' songs, once again echoes by the Kuwait Mar Thoma Parish Choirs to celebrate "The Humble Birth on Earth" of our Holy Saviour.  The carol service will be held on Thursday 24th December 2009 at 7pm at Marina Hall, Abbassiya.
                  If you are unable to  attend, please watch it live on :
                  His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos Episcopa, Bishop of Kottayam -Kochi Diocese will be the Chief Guest for this event.

                  Seen below is the Pamphlet of this Event:

Posted on: December 22nd, 2009.


Ecumenical Christmas Carol

            By Punnoose Anchery, General Secretary

                              An Ecumenical Christmas Carol of the Kuwait Episcopal Churches Fellowship will be held on the information given below. 10 Episcopal Churches of Kuwait Participating with this service.

                              The occasion will be blessed by the Bishop of St. Mary's  Jacobite Syrian Church .This is the starting of carol services in Kuwait

   Date:                4th December 2009.

   Time:               05:30 pm.

Venue:               National Evangelical Church, Kuwait.,

Posted on: November 28th, 2009.

Gulf Marthoma Youth Conference- 2009

               - By Reporter,

                         Gulf Mar Thoma Youth Conference-2009 organized by Abu Dhabi Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam will be conducted on 26th, 27th & 28th November 2009 at Abu Dhabi. Those who are interested to attend may please contact Yuvajana Sakhyam Office Bearers for the registration formalities on or before 25th October 2009.

                         Marthoma Vishesham hopes and prays that this youth conference will be a light to their everyday life. 

Posted on: 5th October, 2009.  


'Divya Bodhana' Jubilee Sangamam at Parumala Seminary on October 24th

                            “Divya Bodhanam,” the theological program for training the laity of the Malankara Orthodox Church will celebrate its Silver Jubilee on October 24, 2009 at Parumala Seminary.

                          In the first session at 9.35am Fr. Dr. O. Thomas will be the main speaker and Metropolitan Dr. Yuhanon Mar Diascoros will moderate the seminar.

                          At 10.30am in a brief function the releasing of the ‘Divya Bodhanam Directory’ will take place. Prof. Varghese Mathew will introduce the directory to the audience. Metropolitan Dr. Yuhanon Mar Diascor0s will release the directory. ‘Divya Bodhini’ will be released by Metropolitan Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius. Smt. Roshini Varghese will introduce the book to the audience.

                         In the second session at 11.15 am, Swami Muni Narayana Prasad will be the main speaker. Metropolitan Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius will be the moderator.

                         At 2pm, the public meeting will be inaugurated by the Catholicose Baselios Marthoma Didymos I.  Metropolitan Dr. Yuhanon Mar Diascor0s will preside over the function. H.H. Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrisostom Marthoma Valiya Metropolitan of Malankara Marthoma Syrian Church will the guest Speaker on the occasion.

                        Special awards will be given to Fr. T. J. Joshua and Fr. C. C. Cherian in recognition to their services rendered to “Divya Bodhanam” program since its inception. Fr. Dr. K. M. George will present the report.

                        Fr. T. J. Joshua will welcome the gathering. Fr. Jiju John will propose vote of thanks.

                         This unique program was founded in 1984 by H. H. Baselios Marthoma Mathews I the then Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan by the initiative of Late Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan the then Principal of the Orthodox Seminary, Kottayam with the help of Fr. C.C. Cherian as its coordinator.

                         Currently Fr. T. J. Joshua is the director of this program. Fr. Dr. K. M. George serves as the President and Fr. Dr. Jacob Kurien as its Vice President. Fr. C. C. Cherian is the current Joint Director.

Courtesy: Indian Orthodox Herald

Posted on: 22nd October, 2009.


Inter Prayer Group Bible Quiz

  By Sri. Punnoose Anchery

                              An Inter Prayer group Bible Quiz competition will be held on Thursday, 22nd October 2009 at 7.00 Pm at K T M C C Hall.  

                              The portions of the Quiz will be:

            1) Book of Amos & Revelation- (70%),

            2) The Church History & Christian topics -(20%),

            3) Current events-(10%).

                                First, Second, and Third place winners will be awarded with Trophies and all the participants will be given certificate of Kuwait Mar Thoma Church.

                                Marthoma Vishesham wishes all the Organizers, Teachers and Students, "All the Best". May this Quiz be a path to learn the Word of God more and more.

 Posted on: 31st August, 2009.


Harvest Festival -2009 Telecasting

Dear Readers,

               The Harvest festival 2009 of Kuwait Marthoma Parish will be telecasted in Power Vision TV on 13-11-2009, Friday at 12:30 PM (Kuwait) & 3:00 PM (India)

              It was held on Monday, 21st September 2009, from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. at the National Evangelical Church premises.

              Harvest Festival included delicious home made food, number of games, food stalls, entertainment programs and musical program etc.,

               Please watch the Programme and make it a grand success.


Episcopal Visit to Bangalore East Martohma Church  

                      By Reporter

                               His Grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos will be visiting the Bangalore East Marthoma Church on 17th of May, 2009, Sunday.

                        During the occasion, the Parish website will be inaugrated by Thirumeni.

                        Also ,there will be a service for the First Holy Communiants too.

Posted on :10th May 2009


Sunday School Talent Night & Anniversary

                      By St. Peter’s Marthoma Parish, New Jersey, USA Reporter                  

Time: 17:00 - 20:30

Description: Sunday School Talent Night & Anniversary will be held on May 17th at 5:00 PM.

Posted on :11th May 2009 


Layperson Education And Development Program (L.E.A.D)


                    By Detroit Marthoma Parish Reporter

When : Sat May 9th  9am to  4pm

Where : At Church

Description : 
The Diocese has organized an education program to help our members
 learn and grow as a leader within the Mar Thoma Church. The class is
 conducted once a month. All those who are interested in participating
should submit the registration form with the $50 fee to the Vicar.

Posted on : 5th May 2009

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